Vision Blinds

Our brand new shading innovation. Styled similar to a roller blind, but with a special striped fabric design.

An eye-catching and truly unique alternative to venetians or rollers…instead, it’s the best of both products; offering full light control as well as the smooth operation of a roller blind.

Gradually becoming a favourite among our customers, vision blinds are the perfect window furnishing for the modern home. If you like venetians but want something a little more discreet or if you need a roller but want to allow more natural light in, then a vision blind may be just what you need. Made from two layers of horizontally striped 7.5mm blackout and sheer fabric, the vision blind is cord operated like a roller; however when operated the stripes pass by each other so that in one position, the stripes are shown translucent and opaque and in the second position it is fully opaque.

The vision blind can be adjusted to rest in many different positions and has a beautiful effect with the light allowance in the room. It balances the need for privacy and natural light allowance – giving you full control over what you need out of a blind…no need to choose between natural light and privacy again.

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We are always happy to talk about your design ideas and discuss your new looks.

Additional information

Often referred to as Day and Night or twist blinds, our Vision blinds come in plain, wood effect, metallic and raw silk materials. So whether you are looking for a sleek, modern effect or something more natural and homely; we can cater to any taste. They are also a very attractive accompaniment to curtains for that more luxurious feel. The vision blind comes with a discreet and complimentary fascia cassette which conceals the roll of fabric when the blind is fully open.


What is the lead time on each window furnishing?

All of our blinds have different lead times. Verticals and Rollers are generally ready in 7 working days. Venetians, Pleated and Vision blinds take about 2 weeks. Romans and curtains take about 3-4 weeks and shutters can take as long as 9 weeks. For more information, please contact your nearest branch.

Do the Vision blinds come as blackouts?

Yes there is a blackout Vision material available now, available in 5 colours and flame retardent for commercial enviroments

I want an over the phone quote, what measurements should I take?

We will be more than happy to provide you with a quote over the phone, all we need are your window measurements. Simply measure inside the recess from side to side and top to sill. If you are interested in Smartfit shades, we will need the width and drop of the window pane.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a replacement blind, simply measure the blind and bring it in to your nearest showroom when you wish to place the order.

Can I just buy the blind and fit it myself?

If you are confident with installing the blind yourself, we will more than happy to simply supply the blind. You will be required to pick it up from your nearest showroom.

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