Allusion voile blind. For wider, longer windows.

A new product for larger windows and doors, our Allusion voile shade offers the soft shaded vision of voile, the complete privacy of a blind and unobstructed vision all in one product.Click our product swatches for more details and to use our online price estimator.

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If you're looking to create an instant impact in your home, then Allusion Voile Blinds are the perfect choice. Although the will fit most windows types, Allusion Blinds come in to their own on larger windows and bi-fold doors where their unique flowing fabric vanes let you enjoy both light and privacy.

Allusion's unique and patented weave offices the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy with modern clean lines and stunning fabrics.

Cleverly combining the delicacy of voile fabric with the versatility of rotating vertical louvres, Allusion looks sensational and offers a number of light and privacy options. With the vanes swept into the open position you can enjoy the view, draw them across for some privacy and with a swish of the control wand you can close them completely to block out the window completely.

Allusion is currently available in 2 stunning fabric ranges, with a choice of 5 colours in each.

Horizon is a sheer and texture weave, in a palette of relaxing white, cream and grey.

Vista is similarly as sophisticated, but with the added feature of being flame retardant so ideal for thee corporate market as well as the home.

To compliment the Allusion, we have a specially designed headrail with a pelmet feature that finishes the top of the shade stylishly and neatly. Available in white, black or anthracite grey, the fascia rail is the stylish cherry on the top of the fantastic Allusion product.

So make an Allusion shade your first choice for a beautiful window treatment giving flexibility to your living space.

Our most frequent questions

In the open position the shade measures 220mm deep. This may mean that the shade protrudes out of the reveal on some windows but it looks fine it is does. So long the vanes are inside the reveal when in the closed position it will look great.

Absolutely! Our remote control headrail system is compatible with the Allusion shade and makes to operation of opening and closing the blind effortless .

Yes, you can indeed part the vanes and walk though the shade. This is great if the kids don't bother to open it before diving out into the garden ;)

We can make the Allusion shade up to 5m wide with the fascia rail. We could push to 6m wide without the fascia on our special heady duty rail. We recommend a maximum drop of 3m.

You can have an Allusion shade with the vanes all sliding to the right hand side or the left had side. You cannot have the vanes with a split pack unfortunately - test have shown they don't look as nice when draw across.

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