Wooden Shutters

Blending perfectly with traditional or contemporary décor schemes, wooden shutters elegantly control light, privacy and noise from the outside. They provide a beautiful and practical alternative to curtains or blinds.

At Reynolds we have been installing plantation shutters to homes for over 15 years. With all of this experience you can trust us to recommend the right product, advise you of the best options, and install them with skill and care.

Every one of our shutters is made especially to order. This means not ony the size, but also the shutter colour, the frame style, the opening order and the louvre size … even down to the colour of the hinges. This makes every shutter an individual as you are.

We have 5 different woods for you to choose from, each picked to offer different benefits to you. And regardless of choice, you can rest assured that each of our shutters are made to the same exacting standards, incorporating design features that makes a Reynolds shutter the very best on the market.

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We are always happy to talk about your design ideas and discuss your new looks.

Our Range

Full Height Shutters Cropped

Full Height Shutters

Shutters that stylishly cover the whole of your windows from top to bottom

Full Height Style

Covering the whole height of the window in single panels, full height is the most popular style of shutter in the UK. These shutters can be opened or closed like doors, or more often left closed with the louvers tilted to provide light control and privacy...

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Tier on Tier Shutters

With two tiers of shutters, control of your shading and privacy is in your hands

Tier on Tier Shutters

Have the best of both worlds with tier on tier shutters, by having separate shutter panels for the top and bottom sections of your windows. You can open, close angle or shut the top or bottom shutters independently of each other for ultimate flexibility. During the...

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Cafe Style Shutters Cropped

Cafe Style Shutters

Like the stylish cafes and bistros, this shutter gives privacy and lets light flood in.

Cafe Style Shutters

Café style shutters cover the lower part of a window. They are so named and were made popular in the cafes of Europe where they were fitted to allow privacy for the diners seated at tables, but allowed plenty of light to flood in over the top to keep the room light and...

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Tracked Shutters

Top Tracked Shutters

Top tracking allows shutters on windows traditionally thought too wide

Top Track Shutters

Shutters for wide windows can be problematic due to the lack of support for the panels. However we have the answer with our track system. A discrete aluminium support track is fitted at the top, and runners are fitted to the shutters to make sure they are supported...

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Special Shaped Shutters

Square, rectangular, triangular, circular ..... you name it and we can shade it

Special Shaped Shutters

Current architectural trends include shaped windows currently, and historically there are many buildings with challenging openings to cover. But shutters are fantastic at shading and offering privacy to all shapes. Be it triangles, arches or circles, we can measure...

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Custom Coloured Shutters

If you can imagine the colour, we can match it with our custom service

Custom Coloured Shutters

We carry a range of 45 stains and paint finished as standard,. This includes all of the current on trend colour palettes in the market place. However every shutter we make is as individual as the roomset we fit it in to, and so for that absolute bespoke finish we offer a...

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Norton Shutter

Our Norton Range of MDF Shutters

Our entry shutter offering a great product and fantasic value for money.

Norton MDF Shutters

Our contemporary choice of shutter. Not only is incredibly durable - being made from polymer coated MDF making them strong with a wipe clean surface - but also very affordable. These are great in high traffic areas as they are manufactured from dense wood fibre. To keep...

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Worcester Shutter

Our Malvern and Worcester Range of Hardwood Shutters

Our ranges of Hardwood shutters available in wood stain or paint finishes

Our Hardwood Shutter Ranges

Our Worcester and Malvern range of shutters have panels and louvres made from our premium and durable hardwood. These shutters work well in any type of setting, be it traditional, contemporary or country living. The hardwood used has a stunning tight grain and gives a...

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Oxford Water Resistant

Our Oxford Range of Water Resistant Shutters

Our ABS plastic shutter that is perfect for wet conditions like kitchens and bathrooms

Our Oxford Range of Water Resistant Shutters

Wooden shutters are fantastic in almost any setting, but high humidity areas or places where they are likely to regularly get wet can cause a problem. So instead fit our Oxford range of ABS shutters. The fully plastic product is great for these windows as it is very...

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Additional information

Beauty more than skin deep

As well as being designed to look great, a Reynolds shutter is full of special features that are designed to give years of trouble free service.

During manufacture, the stiles (or uprights) have a specially machined wooden core laminated into them. By mixing different cuts of wood, and varying the direction of the grain, the stile becomes stronger and much more resistant to twist and warping. A must to look for when ordering shutters.

And our joints are not the standard ‘screw and dowel’ method used by many. Instead we use a traditional mortise and tenon joint which, although it takes longer, is much stronger and created a hugely strong, durable shutter.


How long do shutters take?

Shutters are normally around 7-9 weeks. This is variable, dependent upon many factors such as demand at the factory, shipping times etc. Once your order is placed, it is typically made in around 1 week. It is then packed, loaded on to a ship and dispatched to us. Once it is on the ship, we can track it and give you a more accurate arrival time.

Can you match a shutter to a paint colour?

Yes, we do offer a paint match service. We can work off the Dulux Trade range and Farrow and Ball colour range, or we can send a sample to the factory for matching for you. There is a one off charge for this service, regardless of how many shutters you have done. This basically covers the time for mixing the paint, matching it and then cleaning the guns out afterwards.

How long are your shutters guaranteed for?

Our shutters carry a full 3 year guarantee from date of installation.

Why do you import shutters rather than make them here?

This is a little sad, but the quality of the shutters that we used to buy in the UK could not compete with the ones that we imported from the Far East. Basically the factory that we supply from makes shutters for the USA and Australia, and with the volume that they manufacture they can afford to have the best machinery, the best pick of woods and the most experience in manufacturing shutters. This does translate in to the best product for us and so the best for you.

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