INTU Blinds - Integrate your blinds to your windows and doors.

INTU Blinds offer a stylish and sleek look, allowing you to fully integrate your blinds to your windows and doors. When mounted, your windows and doors will have full mobility and can be opened and closed as normal. To complete the look, you can also match your window frame to our range of finishes including white, silver, brown and anthracite.

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This innovative design consists of a streamlined bottom rail that completes the blind, adding style and elegance to any space.

As there is no drilling or screwing required, INTU Blinds are quick to fit and easy to clean. Depending on your windows and preference, there are many different options to choose from to help complement your home.

The INTU range is fully child-safe by design and omits any hanging cords or chains. With neat and simple control options, these blinds are extremely easy to use and can also be motorised for a more luxurious feel.

INTU blinds are available in Hive, Pleated, Venetian and Roller Blinds, and are ideal for tilt-and-turn windows in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, conservatories and caravans, as well as for bi-fold doors.

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Yes! Our INTU range suits all types of windows and doors. Using a smaller fabric pleat size, you can choose from a range of Hive and Pleated fabrics which can be used for larger windows, bi-fold doors and more compact spaces too.

The INTU brackets are pushed right into the beading on your window frame. Once these are in place, the extrusions are fitted to each side and are attached using clips. Next, the headrail simply clips into place onto the top brackets, and the tension cords are attached to the bottom brackets. No holes or drilling required!

Yes! The INTU range is designed to be fully child, elderly and pet-safe, offering you peace of mind. Using neat and simple control options, the INTU system eliminates the need for any free-hanging cords or chains, and they are one of the safest blinds you can buy.

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