Pleated Blinds

Beautifully fan folded pieces of fabric give a shade so neat that you hardly see then when they are installed.

Pleated blinds are neat, versatile and virtually unseen when fully opened, yet can be drawn to give effective shading and privacy. Combined with our Smartfit frame system, pleated blinds are the perfect combination of form and function for conservatory windows.

Pleated blinds are very possibly the most adaptable blinds we have. They can be made to fit any angled window, including doors and glass conservatory roofs. The majority of our material comes with an SPC (Solar Protective Coating) and some materials are available as blackout.

Stylish, compact and easy to clean, these simple cord operated shades are perfect for creating a warm, daylight glow in your conservatory.

Due to their design, pleated blinds use a minimal amount of space when fully raised and don’t have a bulky appearance. This makes them very popular for smaller windows. What makes single pleated blinds ideal for conservatories is the very attractive glow they cast when the sun hits them.

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Our pleated blinds come in a range of colours and fabric styles including a wood or reed effect for those who want to bring a little nature in their home. They also include a wide range of fabrics that have a performance backing to keep the temperature down in the summer and retain the heat during the winter months..


Are pleated blinds suitable for a bathroom ?

Yes, the majority of our materials are made from polyester so will withstand slight moisture, however if it was going to be wet all of the time maybe consider a water proof roller blind or faux wood?

Can I just buy the blind and fit it myself?

If you are confident with installing the blind yourself, we will more than happy to simply supply the blind. You will be required to pick it up from your nearest showroom.

I want an over the phone quote, what measurements should I take?

We will be more than happy to provide you with a quote over the phone, all we need are your window measurements. Simply measure inside the recess from side to side and top to sill. If you are interested in Smartfit shades, we will need the width and drop of the window pane.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a replacement blind, simply measure the blind and bring it in to your nearest showroom when you wish to place the order.

How energy efficient are pleated blinds?

Some of the pleated fabrics in our range come with a performance backing which is known as SPC (Solar Protective Coating). This performance backing acts as an insulate, keeping the heat out in the summer and retaining heat in the winter.

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