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We endeavour to answer all questions below but if there is anyhting we have not covered please feel free to contact us.

I have seen blinds that look like bamboo. What are these called?

This style of blind is called a Woven Wood blind. The strips of wood are woven together with cotton, and give a great natural look to any window.

I have triangles in the roof of my conservatory. Can these be covered?

Yes, triangles are no problem for our pleated roof blinds. We have been making triangular blinds for over 15 years now so we know just how to make them work perfectly.

Some people sell screwless products for conservatories. Do you have a product like this?

Yes, our Smartfit system does not use screws to fit the blinds, instead they use a special bracket that slides between the glass and the rubber glazing bead. This is very neat and tidy, plus means that you can remove the blinds and leave no damage to the window frame.

Do you offer a make up only service?

Yes we do. The fabric needs to be of a decent quality otherwise because the quality of the fabric often influences the quality of the finished products, but yes we are happy to make up from your own fabrics. Also we are more than happy to advise how much fabric you need for a job.

What is ‘fullness’ with regards to curtains?

The fullness of curtains is how much extra fabric we add to the curtains to give the nice wave when the curtains are pulled up. For instance, if your track or pole was 4ft wide, we would make the curtains 8ft wide and then pull them up to 4ft to give a lovely luxurious look. Fullness can vary from style to style, with pinch pleat being slightly more full, and eyelet finish slightly less.

How long do curtains take?

It depends upon our workload, but generally we can deliver them in around 2 to 3 weeks. But if you are in a rush, give us a call and we will always see if we can rush them through for you.

Do you do blackout lining?

Yes we do. All of our curtains are fully lined and you can pick from standard, blackout, interlining or face fabric linings.

Are your curtains made to measure? I have large windows that I cannot buy ready made’s for.

Yes, all of our curtains are made to measure for both the width and the drop.

Are blinds safe? There are a lot of stories in the press about children and blind cords.

Sadly it is true that badly fitted or badly designed blinds can be a hazard to children. At Reynolds we have partnered up with Rospa and added safety devices to our blinds for a number of years now, and a new rule came into place regarding safety of blinds in 2014 which we fully comply with. There are also a number of safe by design options as it motorised or wand controlled blinds,

Can I get a blackout blind that is not black?

Yes, we have a large range of blackout blinds and they need not be black, we even have white blackouts! Roller blinds are the most common type of blackout blind that we sell, but we also have blackout vertical blinds, blackout pleated and can add a blackout lining to roman blinds.

Can blinds be shaped for gable end windows?

Many blinds can be shaped. Most commonly pleated blinds are shaped to fit conservatory roofs. We regularly fit products to gable end windows, with the two most popular treatments being sloping vertical blinds or shaped plantation shutters.


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