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Thank you for asking Reynolds for an Online Estimate.

Just like all of our blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings, every installation that we do is an individual job.

What we wanted to do with our website is to give you an estimate of what the job is likely to be, so we have included our standard survey and installation package in the price.

We hope you understand, there is a minimum order value for us to visit your home and then return to install your products. We keep this as low as possible, but currently this value is £200 inc. VAT.

There are many factors that might affect the final price, and this will all be assessed by our surveyor and agreed before you order. So our estimate should be used as a guide price and is not a guaranteed quotation for your works.

Things that could affect the price include (but not exclusively):

1. Differences in sizes between those submitted and those measured by our surveyor.

2. Differences in specification or products chosen compared with online estimate.

3. Installation challenges such as access requirements, special fixing methods or additional installers needed.

4. Access to the properly which could include staircases restrictions or parking restrictions.

5. Additional items such as load spreading brackets for awnings or battening for blinds/curtains that are required for a safe installation.

6. Any additional works required such as cabling for electrically operated blinds.

If there is a change in price between the estimate and the order, this would be highlighted to you at the point of order. It would be fully explained and you would have the opportunity to not proceed at this point.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any order for a job. Reasons for this could include (but not exclusively) that we do not feel we could complete the works, we feel it would fall short of a customers expectations or it could result in an unsafe installation.

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