Venetian Blinds

Stylish and modern, and offering superb control over light and vision in a room.

Venetian Blinds are a firm favorite among our customers. The option to control the allowance of light through the blind and the discreet design makes this popular for commercial properties as well as for conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms.

Contrary to popular belief, Venetians actually originated in the Far East and not in Venice, Italy. Despite dating back almost 3 centuries, the unique mechanism for these blinds has hardly changed. Possibly the most popular blind style, famed for its unique effect with light; it is often shown in many art works by artists such as Fredrick Carl Frieseke, Edmund Charles Tarbell and Henri Matisse.

We recommend this blind for a south-facing or high sun glare window to give you total control on the amount of light in your home.

Our Venetians come in a variety of widths with Aluminum slats ranging from 15mm through to 50mm.

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Our aluminium Venetians are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where you can use our mass colour range to complitment utensils and accessories. These blinds are both cord and wand operated - the cord to adjust the height of the blind and the wand to tilt the slats horizontally up to 180 degrees.

We offer more than merely a choice of colours. They come with a choice of perforated, metallic, matt and shine finishes as well as the option to have alternating colours; such as varying shades of pink for a candy stripe effect or a unique and fun rainbow pattern!


Can I have a Venetian for my floor length window?

Unfortunately due to child safety regulations we are not be allowed to install any product which has looped operating cords with a installation height lower than 1500 mm. However there are child safe options available, If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact your local branch.

Can I just buy the blind and fit it myself?

If you are confident with installing the blind yourself, we will more than happy to simply supply the blind. You will be required to pick it up from your nearest showroom.

What are the best blinds for a bathroom or kitchen?

We recommend 100% polyester or wipeable fabric for a kitchen or bathroom. Organic fibers such as cotton are not suited to a damp environment because it causes the fabric to shrink and eventually rot. Therefore, Romans and Curtains would not be appropriate for a bathroom or kitchen where there is a lot of heat and condensation. The most popular choices for bathrooms and kitchens are roller blinds, verticals and venetians.

Are blinds safe? There are a lot of stories in the press about children and blind cords.

Sadly it is true that badly fitted or badly designed blinds can be a hazard to children. At Reynolds we have partnered up with Rospa and added safety devices to our blinds for a number of years now, and a new rule came into place regarding safety of blinds in 2014 which we fully comply with. There are also a number of safe by design options as it motorised or wand controlled blinds,

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