Hammered Black 25mm Aluminum Venetian Blind

Fitted from £85

The Hammered Black Aluminium Venetian Blind with 25mm Slats is a unique textured design with a subtle gloss finish. The hammered design produces a frosted look that plays with the light, creating a dramatic colourway for a modern home. The deep black hue with subtle shimmering texture is effortlessly chic and sophisticated, ideal for capturing the industrial aesthetic.

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The hammered Venetian collection is available in 5 stunning metallic tones. This unique collection offers a raised texture for a stunning finish. Aluminium blinds offer incredible versatility and durability, as they are resistant to rust and warping. Place these metallic blinds in a bathroom or kitchen with absolute confidence.

These standard shading blinds allow you to take control of the light in your home. Every Venetian blind is finished with a matching top and end rail and a colour-coordinated cord for a completely cohesive look. They are also incredibly low maintenance and can be wiped clean with a cloth or vacuumed with a crevice attachment to keep them clean and dust-free.
NameHammered Black 25mm Aluminum Venetian Blind
Max width3150mm
Max drop3000mm
  • Water Resistant
  • Sponge Clean
  • Flame Retardant
Control options
  • Operation by cord to lift and lower slats, and wand to tilt them
Finish options
  • All blinds have colour coded headrails, bottom rails and cords
Additional notes
  • Child safety wall cleat must be fitted with the product

Our most frequent questions

Venetian blinds are a type of horizontal blinds that are commonly made from aluminium or a faux wood design. They are made up of individual slats that can be angled horizontally to let the light in or vertically to block out the light. They can instantly transform a space while also helping to save space by sitting neatly in the window recess. They offer excellent practicality as they are both durable and easy to maintain. Venetian blinds can last for many years with the right care.

The most important aspect of installing Venetian blinds is the measuring process. To measure Venetian blinds, we recommend working with our expert team. This will help to ensure there is minimal light exposure around the edge of your blind. If you're looking for a complete blackout result, you should pair your Venetian blinds with a blackout curtain. This will offer flexibility over the privacy and light control in a room.

Yes, installing Venetian blinds is very simple. To start with, you will need to fix the brackets to your ceiling or window recess. The blinds will then slot into the brackets and are held in place with small metal clips. This makes it easy to take down your Venetian blinds for cleaning. To clean Venetian blinds, you can simply use a duster to refresh them. They won't hold dirt or grime like fabric alternatives, which makes them a popular choice for kitchen spaces.

All of the options on our Venetian blinds page are metal Venetian blinds, the only difference is the finish. We offer solid block colours to fit a wide range of windows and decor styles. Large windows look great with lighter colours, while small windows can have a greater impact with darker colours. Choosing made to measure Venetian blinds is ideal because you can fit them to any window in your home without the need to compromise. If you like the look of faux wood blinds but need a more durable option, aluminium Venetian blinds with a faux wood finish offer a great alternative. These lovely blinds offer a rustic look for your home.

Unfortunately due to child safety regulations, we are not allowed to install any product which has looped operating cords with an installation height lower than 1500 mm. However there are child-safe options available, If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact your local branch.

It is entirely up to you, one thing to bear in mind with wooden Venetian blinds is they do get quite heavy the bigger you go, if you wanted you could always split it up into more than one.

We recommend 100% polyester or wipeable fabric for a kitchen or bathroom. Organic fibres such as cotton are not suited to a damp environment because it cause the fabric to shrink and eventually rot. Therefore, Romans and Curtains would not be appropriate for a bathroom or kitchen where there is a lot of heat and condensation. The most popular choices for bathrooms and kitchens are roller blinds, verticals and Venetians.

There is a method of making the aluminium strips that make a Venetian blind cheaper by making them thinner. This means less aluminium is used to save money, but it also makes the slatting much more susceptible to damage. We are really careful to use the thicker slatting. There is about 20% more aluminium in our blinds than some of our competitors - not enough for you to see by eye but you will notice in years to come as the blind ages better.

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