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Great Alternatives to White Net Curtains

Finding good alternatives to white net curtains is an old problem. We all want to live freely in our homes without worrying that someone can glance through our windows and sees us dancing, cleaning, relaxing, or doing...

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The best way to clean curtains

Curtains can often end up smelling bad and losing their colour due to the fact that they absorb different odours in our homes, such as cigarette smoke and cooking aromas. Stains can be easily noticed on unpatterned...

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Meeting with Paul

Great to see Paul, best chippy we know tonight. Chatting about how improved the new wooden shutters are

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How to make a small window look bigger

Large windows are great because they not only provide better views, they also enhance the overall appearance of your home, both inside and outside. However, only a small number of homes have large windows and even if...

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A guide to different types of window blinds

Window blinds are very important for the overall appearance and functionality of almost every room. These window treatments bring many benefits and some of them are better than the others in specific situations...

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