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Wooden blinds or shutters – which is the right choice for you?

Plantation shutters are the on-trend window dressing of the moment but wooden blinds present a very feasible alternative, so which is the best choice for your home? The fashion for minimalist living has no doubt in...

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Is it time to update your conservatory blinds?

Spring brings the promise of sunshine, enticing families to spend more time in the conservatory to enjoy the benefits of natural light. As a new season puts a renewed focus on this room it might be time to consider...

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Spring is nearly here – get ready to let the light in

The early days of spring when the warm sun starts to make an appearance bring a joy by adding light to your home so be sure to make the most of this with the right choice of blinds. A light-filled home is high up on...

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Bi Fold Doors

Find the perfect match for your bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are certainly enjoying ‘a moment’ allowing homes to break down the barriers between indoors and out. If something captures the essence of modern home alterations it is very likely to be bi-fold...

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Staff training conference

Just to let everyone know, all of our branches will be closed on Saturday 12th January so we can all attend our special new fabrics conference in Birmingham. Our new fabric ranges are huge and very exciting, and we...

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