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Why would I ever need electrically operated blinds?

Electric blinds sound like a luxury from a futuristic domestic set-up – but the reality is that cheaper technology and excellent functionality make these a really useful household addition. Part of the beauty...

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Harness the power of material technology when choosing a blind

When it comes to choosing a blind the style is just part of the choice, the material also needs to be given careful consideration. As well as adding to the look of the home, blinds serve a purpose – if not...

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Celebrity Inspired Curtains

We may have spent a bit too much time lounging around reading celebrity magazines over Christmas, but everyone enjoys a good nosy round a celebrity home, don’t they? There are some incredible...

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2018 Trends and Colours

For most people, Christmas and New Year is about spending time with family and friends, eating yummy food and thinking about what you’d like to change or start doing in January, which includes your home’s...

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Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Opening Hours

As a family business, Reynolds are firm believers that our staff should get a good break over the festive period to be with friends, family and loved ones. That being said, we are working all of the way to Christmas...

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