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Hive Energy Saving Blinds

It’s that time of year when you feel like flicking the heating on permanently, but are you having heart palpitations about how much it’s going to cost? A lot of people don’t have a real wood-burning fire, don’t...

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The importance of quality blinds in the bedroom

We’ve all experienced a bad night’s sleep at some point in our lives, some more than others, but how much can the quality of sleep really affect our daily lives and what can we do to help this? Nowadays...

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Why you need an awning at home

Sunblind, shade, shelter. Tarpaulin, canopy, velarium. All names for an awning, which is essentially a sheet of fabric stretched across a frame and used to provide protection from the sun or the rain...

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Banbury store has moved

Our new store has just opened in Banbury. Just a minutes walk from our old branch, our new shop is in Market Square, Banbury opposite Castle Quay Shopping Centre. There is lots of parking in the short stay car park...

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Colour me blue … and drift into shades of denim!

Buying window blinds isn’t an every day task, and at first, you might think it wouldn’t cause that much trepidation. You’re looking for something different. Something stylish. Something not too ‘in your...

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