Motorised Blinds with Reynolds

Using the latest motor, battery and App technology, motorised blinds and curtains from Reynolds offer convenience and security at the touch of a button.

Keeping The Cold Out This Winter: Our Tips and Tricks

With winter in full swing, keeping the cold out can seem almost impossible. This is commonly due to poorly insulated windows, which means now is a good time to start winter-proofing your home.

Conservatory Blinds: How To Choose The Right Type For Your Home

A conservatory is a versatile addition to your home. It bridges the gap between the indoors and the outdoors so you can enjoy your garden all year round. But when it comes to choosing the right type of conservatory blinds, there are a few things you need to consider.

What a difference a ‘bay’ makes – shutters are the perfect window treatment for bay windows of all shapes and sizes.

Bay windows are a great feature of a home, often giving additional floorspace and huge amounts of light into a room. Whilst these are of course great benefits, these lovely windows do present some issues when adding window coverings.

How To Clean Fabric Blinds

You may have noticed so much build-up of dust and dirt on your fabric blinds. This means that it is now time to give these fabric blinds a great clean. Fabric blinds can really attract a lot of dirt and therefore must be cleaned every now and then. Regular cleaning will help to keep your window treatments in the best possible condition.To help you clean your fabric blinds, we've put together these tips to clean any style of window treatment in any room in your home. Follow this advice to get professional quality results without calling in the cleaners.

Our Guide On How To Clean Shutters

Shutters add a classic look to your space and are a great option for most windows. In order to keep them in top shape, we have provided a little guide and top tips to help you effectively clean your shutters.

What size curtains do I need?

Curtains are a great way to add texture, colour, and a bit of personality to your space. Before ordering your curtains, it's crucial that you figure out what size of curtains you will need. This might seem daunting to some, so here are a few tips when getting measurements and trying to plan out your space.

How to clean wooden blinds

Wondering how to clean wooden blinds? Well, the good news is the process is quite easy but a little bit time consuming and will require your patience.

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