March 26th 2020

Achieve your dream of outdoor living with Markilux awnings

Markilux makes awnings of all shapes and sizes for a range of budgets – offering something for everyone who is looking to make the most of the outside of their home.

Are you looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine in the garden as you watch the sun going down? Or is one of your favourite things dining al fresco on long summer days with friends?

It is pursuits like this that make life a pleasure – and let your own private kingdom extend into the outdoors for those glorious days of summer sun.

But when the weather can be a little predictable to say the least, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a reliable solution to let you make the most of these days?

Step forward Markilux awnings, delivering the German reliability that you need to counter the unpredictability of the English weather!

As well as offering a sensible, stylish solution to issues from shade to privacy and rain, these awnings also let you stamp your personality on your outdoor space.

The choice is yours

Markilux awnings offer a range of versatile solutions to let you make the most of the outside of your home – and can even make your conservatory more comfortable.

Adding a Markilux awning to your home is the ideal solution to let you achieve your dream of accessible, ready to go outdoor living.

While conditions may not always be perfect a Markilux awning will create your own personal haven come rain or shine – and thanks to clever use of wind sensors they can even retract when the weather gets too blustery.

With stand-alone pergolas and wall-mounted awnings available you can choose whether you want minimalist protection as and when you need it, or a more structured outdoor area.

Markilux pergola - your outdoor retreat

If you want a permanent spot to enjoy the great outdoors, whatever the weather, the Markilux pergola is a good choice. A fixed structure, it offers comprehensive protection from sun, wind and rain – and can be configured however you want for maximum enjoyment and protection.

Extending up to six metres, Markilux pergolas withstand wind up Beaufort 6 and offer comprehensive shade from the glare of the sun when needed.

With such comprehensive protection it is almost like a personal room outside, so why not add the finishing touches to bring added atmosphere with fitted LED lights?

Markilux Mx-1

Many homeowners are keen to preserve the clean lines of their garden to allow the space to flow, and this certainly does not mean you cannot still enjoy excellent outdoor protection. With the dedication to engineering and standards that Germany is well-known for, Markilux has created products that work for all homes – and all tastes.

The Markilux MX-1 is the epitome of this dedication to good looks and excellent functionality. It is no surprise that this awning has proved to be an award-winning design as it makes the most of the technology available – and looks amazing.

Retractable to a neat wall-mounted bar, the Markilux MX-1 manages to pack in robust protection from the elements. At just the touch of a button this awning allows you to transform a large outdoor patio into a private room, perfect for dining with friends or relaxing alone.

With numerous options for materials and atmospheric LED lighting, the Markilux MX-1 lets you make your outdoor space your own.

Compact and discreet when not in use, and stylish and protective when needed, the Markilux MX-1 really is a feat of engineering.

Make the most of your patio and garden

Markilux makes awnings of all shapes and sizes for a range of budgets – offering something for everyone who is looking to make the most of the outside of their home.

With 50 years’ experience Markilux is the longest established awning company in the world. German standards are a by-word for quality and it goes without saying that all blinds are fully assembled and tested to these standards before being shipped to the UK.

Reynolds Blinds offers a full installation service for Markilux Awnings and can help you to choose the perfect fit for your home.

Customers who want to see a full-sized MX-1 for themselves can pop into Reynolds Blinds in Kings Norton where one is on display, likewise a full-sized pergola is on display at Reynolds Blinds in Wylde Green.

To make the most of outdoor living at your home contact Reynolds Blinds to discuss installing a Markilux awning.

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