April 26th 2018

Why would I ever need electrically operated blinds?

Reynolds Blinds discuss if you will need electrically operated blinds.

Electric blinds sound like a luxury from a futuristic domestic set-up – but the reality is that cheaper technology and excellent functionality make these a really useful household addition.

Part of the beauty of blinds is their simplicity – they look great, they are easy to operate and give a neat interior finish.

If you have a lot of blinds in one room though, such as a conservatory, drawing them can be one of those tedious tasks that, let’s face it, if you didn’t have to do it you gladly wouldn’t. So how can this be made easier with electrically operated blinds?

The most obvious benefit of electric blinds is that they take away this need to manually close or drop each separate blind. Rather than going around a room pulling each blind up individually, electric blinds can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. They can even be programmed to open and close at a certain time to suit your routine and changing seasons of dusk and dawn.

Blind technology offers much more than a timesaving mechanism though and electric blinds are a major part of a smart home set-up.

They can be utilised for security, temperature control and comfort.

How electric blinds boost security

As electric blinds can be set to close at a certain time, they are ideal for when homeowners spend time away from their house. They will open and close as usual, giving the impression of the home being occupied, even if the property is empty at the time.

Likewise, when arriving home late electric blinds can be set to automatically close at dusk.

Temperature control

Electric blinds can also respond to different weather conditions helping to maintain the temperature in the house. This is particularly useful when keeping the heat of the sun out in summer, or blocking cold in the winter months.

With the glare of sunshine sometimes being a problem for comfort, electric blinds can use a sensor to detect the presence of sunlight and adjust to block it accordingly.

However, remote controls allow these settings to be overridden should you want the sunshine to stream in.

Available in a variety of stylish designs, electric blinds can be a great asset to the home and bring a superior level of comfort and convenience to everyday living.

To find out more about what blinds would benefit your home contact Reynolds Blinds today or visit one of our showrooms and speak to a team member.

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