Remote Control Blinds

Electric operation at affordable prices, electric operation is available on most products in our range.

We offer a range of battery and mains powered options for roller blinds,vertical blinds, roman blinds and tilt operated wooden venetian blinds. Remote controlled blinds are the ultimate in convenience and luxury, where with just a touch of a button you can operate your blind from the comfort of your sofa. The blinds are operated by motors which are powered by low voltage batteries as opposed to high voltage mains electricity. This significantly reduces the risks associated with using electric appliances where they may be exposed to moisture.

You have the option of being able to control single or multiple blinds from one remote. As well as handsets it is possible to control blinds with wall switches, light sensors, timers and home management systems. For roller blinds, the motor is enclosed within the roller tube. This means that light, steam or condensation should not cause a problem with the motor. For Roman blinds the motor is enclosed within the head rail.

Battery operated blinds are ideal for hard to reach windows, the elderly or disabled and are perfectly safe for children’s rooms as there are no cords. The main advantage of this system is that fitting is non-intrusive and no wiring is needed.

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Alternatively, you can have the system wired up to the mains power supply


Do i need multiple controls for different styles of blinds?

No, we can offer multi channel handsets to operate different blinds in different rooms, however we can program all of your blinds to operate from one if you require.

Can your roof blinds be operated electrically?

Yes, we do offer electric operation on many roof blinds. If the blinds are rectangular then this is easy for us. Some shaped blinds can be made electrically operated, but some shapes cannot, but your surveyor will be able to advise you.

Is the motor on the electrically powered blinds fragile considering how small it is?

The motor that powers the electrically operated blinds is surprisingly powerful and hard-wearing for its size. In fact, many are fitted with an automatic soft close mechanism so that if they are pulled open or closed, they will operate on their own so that the motor will not be damaged.

What type of guarantee do you offer?

All of our products are guaranteed, along with our workmanship. The guarantee periods vary from product to product and are detailed here (link to guarantee page).

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