May 3rd 2016

Top 5 tips for choosing conservatory blinds

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Conservatory blinds are very popular these days and they have proven to be an attractive and functional way of keeping the sun’s rays out and controlling the temperature. In order to select the right blind for you, here are some tips:

Why do you use your conservatory room?

Different people use their conservatory for different purposes. For instance, there are homeowners who use this room to entertain guests and throw dinner parties. There are also many people who simply enjoy the comfort of the conservatory room with their family. So, the basic purpose of this area will determine the type of conservatory blinds you should use. For example, roller blinds are able to provide exceptional temperature protection, the vertical variety is ideal for ultimate light management and pleated blinds are ideal for families with children.

Automatic vs manual blinds

Automation is everywhere these days and conservatory blinds are no exception. There is no doubt that automated blinds are more convenient. If you love all things high tech then using automatic conservatory blinds is a must. However, if you prefer the classic style, your home will look better with manual conservatory blinds.

Interior decoration

Conservatory rooms are one of the main features of your home. So, the conservatory blinds you choose must blend in well with the overall interior decoration and style of your home. If you adapt the same colour palette and style in your conservatory and home, the conservatory room will look like a logical addition to the central house.


Of course, the time you need to spend in maintaining these window treatments is also an important feature. Blinds that don’t need cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis are ideal for busy home-owners. The fabric is one of the most important factors that affect maintenance.


Colours can significantly affect the overall appearance of your conservatory. Bright colours will improve your mood, but dark colours are ideal for those looking for privacy. Alternatively, if you would like your conservatory to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, then choosing the same colour palette may be a good option.

Top 5 tips for choosing conservatory blinds
Top 5 tips for choosing conservatory blinds

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