March 29th 2019

Is it time to update your conservatory blinds?

Reynolds Blinds offer advice and answer is it time to update your conservatory blinds? Read on to find out more.

Spring brings the promise of sunshine, enticing families to spend more time in the conservatory to enjoy the benefits of natural light.

As a new season puts a renewed focus on this room it might be time to consider whether the interior could do with an update, in particular the blinds.

With a large window area to cover as a general rule, conservatory blinds work hard – and have a major impact on the look of your home.

Reflecting light, trapping in heat, offering shade – there is no doubt we ask a lot of our conservatory blinds.

As well as being a design feature and bringing privacy to the home, conservatory blinds also need to deliver on a more technical front.

Everyday use takes its toll on the rooms in the home and conservatories are no exception. Then, of course, styles and taste change over the years.

Bring your conservatory blinds up-to-date

With a room as prominent as a conservatory can be in the warmer months of the year it is important to enjoy stepping into that space.

The window coverings are usually the feature that will naturally catch the eye first, making this the best place to begin.

While your choice of style may have altered over the years it is also worth bearing in mind that the technical capabilities of conservatory blinds will have also altered.

Technical fabrics have certainly become more prevalent while automated blinds have revolutionised the market.

Venetian blinds have long been a mainstay of the conservatory and with good reason as these highly functional blinds are simple to use.

Make the most of new functionality

Newer, dedicated options have now been developed specifically to suit the needs of a conservatory. These include:

  • Smartfit blinds, which can be fitted directly into the window space with no need to use screws.
  • Woven wooden blinds – these bring a traditional, more natural-looking finish to the conservatory.
  • Pleated roof blinds, which fit snugly to the glass and can even be motorised.
  • External shading – this is fitted to the exterior to block sun and is operated electronically.

While the look of your blinds may be a major factor in your desire to replace your conservatory window coverings, consider exactly what you want from your blinds from a functional perspective.

With so many options available make sure your conservatory blinds will do the work you want them to do in the future.

For information on the best conservatory blinds for you contact Reynolds Blinds.

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