October 13th 2017

Hive Energy Saving Blinds

It’s that time of year when you feel like flicking the heating on permanently, but are you having heart palpitations about how much it’s going to cost?

It’s that time of year when you feel like flicking the heating on permanently, but are you having heart palpitations about how much it’s going to cost? A lot of people don’t have a real wood-burning fire, don’t fancy sitting indoors with their coat on, and there’s only so many cups of tea you can drink in one day, so what other options are there? Well, we may have something that could help solve this issue for you long-term.

Have you heard of Hive Energy Saving Blinds? They’re quite ingenious really as the blinds help keep the heat in during winter and keep rooms cool during summer.

How do Hive Energy Saving Blinds work?

Hive Energy Saving blinds have a honeycomb cellular construction. This means that when the blind is drawn, the structure creates a layer of air that acts as a heat-blocking barrier between your room and the outside window, which is also sound absorbing. This heat blocking layer helps to insulate the room by keeping it warmer in the colder months and reducing ‘solar gain’ on hot, summer days to help lower the temperature of the room.

Benefits of Hive Energy Saving Blinds

Alongside the obvious namesake energy saving aspect, these blinds also benefit from:

  • Insulating design
  • Anti-static - helps repel dust so blinds stays fresher for longer
  • Easy sponge cleaning
  • Blackout option
  • Effective noise reduction barrier
  • Modern, sleek look
  • Cords being hidden within the honeycomb structure
  • A huge range of colours

Hive Energy Saving Blinds were originally only available in a limited range of styles but we have increased this collection to over forty options including plain, fire retardant, blackout and luxury designs.

The blinds area available in a stunning array of classic neutrals, striking hues and on-trend colours for you to choose from. They are now one of our fastest growing collections.

Hive Energy Saving Blinds can be supplied as standard window blinds, within our ‘Smart Fit’ system and on roof windows too. All blinds come with the choice of manual or electric operation.

Do they have any safety features?

Yes! Hive fabrics are available with a fire retardant (FR) coating for added peace of mind. Blinds can also be designed to make sure that they’re child safe, while still providing the heat blocking benefits of the fabric. All cords are hidden within the honeycomb structure too.

We’re always happy to talk about your design ideas and discuss our products. Read more information about Hive Energy Saving Blinds here, request a call back or download a free brochure.

Find out just how amazing Hive Energy Saving Blinds are for yourself and look forward to lower utility bills and treating yourself to something nice with the savings.

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