Hive Energy Saving Blinds

Our energy saving blinds help keep in the heat in the winter and cool the room in the summer.

Reduce your energy bills with Hive energy saving blinds - helping keep your room cooler during the summer and retaining heat throughout the winter!

One of our fastest growing product ranges, the Hive heat blocking blind collection is proving a popular choice thanks to its insulating design and modern, sleek look. And, as the unique cellular fabric is anti-static, it helps repel dust meaning the blind stays fresher for longer.

When the blind is drawn, the Hive honeycomb structure creates a layer of air that acts as a sound absorbing and heat blocking barrier between your room and the outside window. This heat blocking layer helps insulate your room, keeping it warmer in the cold months, while reducing solar gain on hot sunny days to help lower your room temperature.

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Special Features

Hive Silkweave Raven

Energy saving

Hive Silkweave Raven

Energy saving

The honeycomb structure of hive helps trap a layer of insulating air.

Hive Blackout Green

Huge range of colour

Hive Blackout Green

Huge range of colour

With over 40 designs to choose from, you can have a Hive blind to suit any room

Hive Blackout Black Bottom Bar

Blackout option

Hive Blackout Black Bottom Bar

Blackout option

Unlike normal pleated style products, Hive's structure means that there are no cords shown when the blind is closed. This, combined with a blackout Hive fabric means that light coming into a room is kept to a minimum

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Additional information

Originally available as a limited range of styles, we have increased our Hive blind collection to over 40 options including plain, blackout, fire retardant and luxury designs. Our trend analysts have worked hard to ensure that the Hive fabric range will complement current and upcoming trends. In the collection there is a stunning array of classic neutrals, striking hues and on trend colours.

The versatile Hive heat blocking fabric can be used for standard window blinds, within our ‘Smart Fit’ system and on roof windows - all with the choice of manual or electric operation.


Can Hive help reduce noise?

Yes, due to the honeycomb cellular construction the Hive fabric acts as an effective noise reduction barrier.

Should I be concerned about fire safety?

Hive fabrics are available with a fire retardant (FR) coating for added peace of mind.

Is the Hive blind child safe?

We can design your blind to ensure that it is child safe, while still providing the heat blocking benefits of the Hive fabric.

Are there any visible holes in the blind fabric?

No, due to the cellular construction all cords are hidden within the heat blocking honeycomb structure.

Is Hive suitable for bedrooms?

Yes, Hive Blackout is the ideal choice for a room when additional light control is required in your home.

How easy to clean is the fabric?

Most Hive fabrics are sponge clean and all are anti-static to help repel dust, ensuring your blind stays fresher for longer.

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