December 9th 2015

​Easy ways to clean your vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are not always easy to wash. By following some simple rules you can successfully clean the blinds at home.

Vertical blinds are not always easy to wash. That is why lots of people end up taking them to the dry cleaners for professional washing, but that is not really necessary. By following some simple rules you can successfully clean the blinds at home.

When tasked with cleaning vertical blinds, people usually look for instructions on the label. However, you should have some additional things in mind before washing them. Although many instructions say that the blinds can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees if you put them on at 40 degrees they may come out differently than when you have put them in. Fabric blinds can fray or snag, so if you want to wash them in a washing machine it is advisable to roll them up and place them in a soft pillowcase. That way, you can protect them from breaking. Also, we suggest that you do not wash them at a higher temperature than 30 degrees. Hot water can damage the glue that holds the vertical blinds and you run the risk of them coming apart.

If you clean your vertical blinds in a bucket or a bathtub, always check the water temperature with your hands. It is also advisable to use some mild detergent for washing more delicate, specific types of fabrics.

After you have washed the vertical blinds, the best thing to do is to lay them on dry towels and leave them to dry naturally in the air. Do not put them in the dryer as they may shrink or fold.

You must take proper care of your vertical blinds in order to avoid frequent washing. Regular dusting and gentle vacuuming can keep your blinds in good shape. When you vacuum them, you should start from the top of the blind and then go down, because if you go in the opposite direction you could unhook them accidentally.

We hope you’ve found the above advice useful. Looking for ways to clean your shutters? Check out our recent guide on how to clean shutters, how to clean your wooden blinds and how to clean fabric blinds to avoid common mistakes. For more information about the installation, cleaning and maintenance of blinds, please contact us now.

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