April 12th 2016

Do curtains go with blinds?

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You don’t have to be an interior designer to know that using suitable blinds or curtains in any room can significantly improve the appearance of that room. However, most people don’t know whether they should use curtains and blinds together and if it’s possible to match them. According to experienced designers, the answer is affirmative in most cases. If you are able to make the right combination, curtains and blinds will provide extra privacy, better sunlight control and create a better ambiance in the room.

The process starts by choosing the right blinds. It doesn’t really matter whether you will be using venetian blinds or roller blinds, what matters more is the material. Today, people usually choose aluminium or timber blinds. The second option provides more natural appearance while the first option is more resistant. It’s also important to mention that there are print blinds and print curtains too. The basic rule is to avoid using print varieties of both window treatments. In other words, one of them should come in a solid colour. The perfect option is to use mono-coloured blinds and choose curtains with a pattern that has the colour found on the blind.

One of the best things about of using a combination of blinds and curtains is the fact that they can make the windows appear larger. Obviously, this advantage is most useful for homeowners who have smaller homes. Even if you use a window with standard dimensions, you can make it look bigger if you use blinds and curtains that are matched well. They can even make the ceiling look taller. Our suggestion is to opt for roman shades installed just 4-5 inches under the ceiling in order to make it look taller. The curtain rod should match this level, and it should go beyond the window frames for 30 to 60cm in total.

Accessories can also add visual appeal. You can use tiebacks that can hold the curtains back when you are not using them. In addition, many people use decorative items including holdings made of metal, tiebacks that come with tassels or pelmets.

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