January 23rd 2018

Celebrity Inspired Curtains

Reynolds Blinds talk about Celebrity Inspired Curtains

We may have spent a bit too much time lounging around reading celebrity magazines over Christmas, but everyone enjoys a good nosy round a celebrity home, don’t they?

There are some incredible houses and interior designers out there and we love looking at how they dress their windows. We’re always surprised at how many celebrities don’t actually have any curtains or blinds though… they must invest in good security instead!

Most of us can’t afford to spend thousands on A-list interior designers (or security). You can however get the same luxurious feel, at a fraction of the cost. The key is in the little things and attention to detail.

Whether you’ve had curtains from us before and want to add some extras or it’s new curtains you’re thinking about, our options are huge and we offer a full range of accessories. Everything you need to complete your room is all under one roof.

Types of curtains

Pencil Pleat

Gathers at the top of curtains, known as the Pencil Pleat design, spread the fullness of the fabric across the whole of the window. Pencil pleat curtains work great on a track or pole to give a neat, modern finish to any window.

This style can be made with any fabric, and can be used with any of our lining options.

Pinch Pleat

The Pinch Pleat design is the ultimate in decorative finishes for curtains, where pleats of twos or threes are sewn into the top to give a lovely gather to your curtains. Pinch pleat curtains will work with curtain tracks, but using a curtain pole will be better.

This style of curtain can be created using any fabric with a choice of lining options.


Eyelet curtains are a modern design classic. Metal eyelets are punched into the tape hidden inside the top of the curtain to form a lovely wave type finish to the curtain.

Eyelets will only work with curtain poles. We offer a range of colours of eyelets to match the colour of your pole and we of course supply poles that fit perfectly too.

Finishing touches…

Remote Control

Adding a remote control to your curtains will make them easier to use, can be operated via a timer and cost much less than you may expect - perfect for when the paparazzi appear!

There’s now also a Smartwares App so you can control your curtains and blinds with your phone. The app is available on iPhone and Android - you just need to make sure the Wi-Fi is switched on at home.

Poles and Tracks

Choose a pole or track that’s well made, built for the job and in a style to finish your curtains perfectly.

Tiebacks, Pelmets and Valances

Matching tiebacks, pelmets and valances will really compliment your curtains and add luxury and glamour.

Cushions and Throws

Did you know we can make matching cushions and throws too? Added to your bed or sofa, these will really tie your design together. Friends will be asking for details of your interior designer, whilst wondering if you’ve won the lottery!

Random celebrity curtain fact…

Earlier in 2017, Her Majesty The Queen sought a royal curtain and cushion-maker to take care of furniture in a thousand rooms across Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and St James’s Palace. We can’t even begin to imagine how many windows needed new curtains or dressings repairing.

If you’re keen to get started on your celebrity inspired curtains but need some inspiration first, read our previous blog on 2018 Trends and Colours. For celeb-worthy stylish window treatments, request a call back today.

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