May 27th 2018

Blinds or curtains – making a decision room by room

Reynolds Blinds compare blinds and curtains – making a decision room by room, find out more!

Windows are a major feature of every room and by default so are your blinds or curtains – but which is best for which room?

Obviously the size and number of windows in any given room in the house is going to have a huge influence on what sort of method you choose to cover up the outside world and the let in the light, as well as block it.

Functional and an important part of interior design, blinds and curtains should be given a good deal of thought before making an investment.

So, how to make the right choice? At the end of the day interior design is down to personal choice and it may be that an individual just prefers curtains to blinds or vice versa.

Curtains or blinds?

However, some rooms naturally suit, or work better, with one or the other. Curtains are synonymous with comfort and as a result generally work well in bedrooms or lounges – parts of the house where the members of the family settle down to cosy up or go to sleep.

Curtains are also very adept at shutting out the cold, again making them ideal for nurturing a warm environment that is perfect for sleeping in or watching the TV while curled up on the sofa.

Blinds bring a great deal of functionality to the home and are made of a wider choice of materials, many of which are very robust and more suited to some of the more variable environments in the house, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Wipe clean Venetian aluminium blinds are ideal for numerous rooms with their ability to stream light at easily adjustable levels, while their robust nature makes them ideal for the kitchen where grease, heat and moisture may be an issue.

Bathroom blinds also need to withstand variable temperatures and moistures levels and the Venetian design is perfect for this as well as being easy to adjust when privacy is needed.

For more information on what size is best, why not check out our guide on what size curtains do I need?

Making life easier

Functionality should be a major consideration when buying blinds for a room that boasts a high number of windows, such as a conservatory due to the time taken to open them as well as the need to reduce glare from the sun.

SmartFit blinds are an effective but unobtrusive way to control the light in a conservatory, while those looking for a traditional, natural look might want to consider woven wood blinds.

Families often find that a combination of blinds and curtains works best, particularly in bedrooms where a black-out blind helps to aid sleep and curtains bring an added level of comfort.

Before making a choice on whether to choose blinds or curtains consider what you want in terms of functionality, as well as design, to put you on the best footing.

For more advice on what blinds or curtains would best suit your needs get in touch with Reynolds Blinds.

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