Awnings Worcester

Transform your outdoor living space with a stylish and durable awning or canopy from Reynolds Blinds. Our awnings offer style and sophistication with all the high-tech features you need to create a luxurious patio or deck.

Reynolds Blinds has been fitting Worcester awnings for the past 25 years. We carry a pattern and design to suit every aesthetic, whether you want to create a traditional or contemporary look for your garden. Choose from solid block colours in earthy shades or bold brights. Or take your pick from our collection of stripe patterns.

Canopies and awnings Worcester

A sun canopy or awning can transform your outdoor living space and provide more functional space in your home. Turn a plain patio into a stylish place to relax and unwind. With the addition of outdoor lighting or a patio heater, you could create an outdoor dining space suitable for use throughout most of the year.

Transform your garden with a stylish awning or canopy

We manufacture all garden awnings here in the UK using German engineering principles. Customise your blind by adding electric operation, self-cleaning fabrics or built-in lighting and heating. This will allow you to create your ideal outdoor living space. A remote control awning will allow you to open and close the awning with the touch of a button. To protect your retractable awning, we can also add an automatic wind and rain sensor.

Every awning can be customised with a choice of colours and fabrics. Some awnings offers a choice of a plain or decorative valance which is suspended at the front profile. This gives the awning a classic and traditional look. For a more contemporary look, you can leave this off. We also offer pergola style awnings with additional support legs allowing you to cover a larger area. By combining multiple Markilux pergolas together you could cover an area up to 90m2.

Awnings and shutters from Reynolds Blinds

A garden awning will not only help to keep the rain away. It’s also an excellent choice for controlling the sun. All of our awning fabrics offer UV protection so you can be confident your family will be safe from the harmful effects of the sun. A garden canopy can also help control the temperature inside your home by preventing direct sunlight from entering. When used alongside shutters, curtains or blinds, you can keep your interiors cool and comfortable all summer long. We manufacture awnings up to 7m wide with a 4m projection. This offers a large coverage area. We can install multiple canopies to cover larger spaces.

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We have showrooms across the UK, so Worcester residents can easily arrange a visit. In our showroom, you will find an extensive selection of awning fabrics. We also have a full-size awning on display. There is no substitute for holding the awning fabrics in your hand and seeing the full-scale awning in operation.We offer a free home survey to measure the space and check it is suitable for an awning. If you would like to measure yourself, we also have measuring guides to help you. During a home survey, we will also provide fabric samples to explore. Once ready, we will visit to professionally install your awning and show you how to use the controls. We offer a 5-year warranty on the awning and installation, so you can be confident it will stand the test of time. Get in touch to find out more about our awnings in Worcester.

Frequently asked questions

How much does an awning cost in the UK?

The cost of your awning will vary depending on the specification. Our Markilux awnings offer a combination of style and strength, so you don’t have to compromise. The size of the awning, your choice of additional features and the material will all contribute to the final price. Get in touch with Reynolds Blinds today for a comprehensive quote.

Do awnings add value to your home?

Awnings are a permanent fixture that can transform your outdoor living space. As they add functional space to a home, they could increase the value. By choosing a quality awning manufacturer such as Markilux, you can give the potential buyer confidence that the awning will not fail or cause damage to the property.

What is the best fabric for awnings?

Markilux awnings are manufactured from premium materials that offer UV protection and incredible longevity, even in the rainiest conditions. Our awnings offer a self-cleaning effect which will help to keep your awning looking beautiful for longer. Awning fabric should be light and weather resistant and should also resist fading.

How do you fit an awning?

Awnings should always be fit by a professional to ensure it does not fall or damage surrounding structures. The awning is fixed in place by a heavy-duty cassette that will anchor it securely to a wall or other structure. We can also add extra elements such as an outdoor patio heater or lighting to enhance the final finish.

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