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Ways to Insulate Your Windows for winter

05th January, 2017


There are many ways in which you can solve drafty windows, but in this article, we will highlight the most convenient and most effective ones.

1.       Using window insulation film

Homeowners can purchase window insulation kits from almost any hardware store or you can buy them online. These kits typically come with plastic shrink film that should be applied directly to the indoor window frame with the help of double-stick tape. After that, you should use a hair dryer to heat and shrink this film and eliminate wrinkles. This is an inexpensive and efficient solution, but it can make the windows look a little bit cloudy.

2.       Rubber weather sealing

Additionally, you can also purchase self-stick rubber weather sealing strips. Once again, you can find them on the Internet or in any hardware store. Once you have them, make sure to cut relatively long strips that can fit the window size. After that, peel and stick them to the frame in order to cover gaps and provide protection from drafts. This option is inexpensive, convenient and doesn’t affect the look of the windows. The only downside is that they can potentially damage the window’s paint when they are peeled away.

3.       Draft snakes

This product represents fabric tubes that are put under the door or directly on the windows sills to keep the cold air out. It is easy to create one – just sew a tube of almost any fabric that fits the width of windows and after that fill it with dried rice. This is another inexpensive solution that you can prepare at your home. However, with this method, you won’t be able to insulate the frame or glass.

4.       Insulated or layered curtains

Place layered curtains or heavy fabrics on the windows to prevent drafts. You can also find insulated curtains with integrated thermal backing. They look great and they will beautify the space in any room.

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