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Great Alternatives to White Net Curtains

04th May, 2017

Finding good alternatives to white net curtains is an old problem. We all want to live freely in our homes without worrying that someone can glance through our windows and sees us dancing, cleaning, relaxing, or doing anything else! However, we need to think about how we can do all that without closing the curtains and preventing the light, and without using those old-fashioned net curtains that our parents used to have. There are several great alternatives which you can use so you can freely enjoy in your home without fearing that some of your neighbours may see what you are doing. Check these out:

Ø  One of the most popular alternatives to white net curtains are Venetian blinds. They are very easy to install, cheap, and offer great privacy.

Ø  Sheer blinds allow lots of light inside and they are ideal if you do not require constant privacy. All you have to do is just pull them down or leave them up, depending on your mood.

Ø  Café blinds are good as a permanent solution because they blend in perfectly with your existing home décor.

Ø  Fabric screens are a top option when you are using natural fabrics. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for removable screen or attached fabric to your window - fabric screens always look good.

Ø  Sheer white curtains are ideal for bigger windows. If you already have normal curtains for your windows, you can install a double rail and easily separate the two.

Ø  Plantation shutters require some work for getting them installed, but they really look good. They are attached to the windows and are an attractive replacement for Venetian blinds.

Ø  Window film is also a nice affordable option which will give a frosted glass effect to your windows. There are many designs to choose from, so pick something that will fit in with your décor.

Ø  Replacing your window with a stained glass may look like an extreme option, but this is a great addition if you have a bathroom on your ground floor. They also look pretty special.

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