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Embrace nature with wood window shutters

20th January, 2020

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If there was a defining trend for the past decade it could quite possibly be wood window shutters.

Slowly but surely these classic window dressings made their way into homes everywhere and the age of the property didn’t matter.

What might once have been considered a traditional feature of a period property brought the finishing touches to four-bedroom estate houses, one-bedroom flats, Victorian semis and terraced homes across the country.

The reason for this is simple: shutters look great and are highly functional – what more could you want in a product?

Invest in a sustainable finish

Delivering a touch of luxury and an elegant finish wood window shutters are an investment that will last.

And that popularity looks to gather even more pace into the next decade thanks to a new trend.

Not only do they tick all the boxes for an enduring, evergreen product but wood window blinds also fit in nicely with the trend for more natural materials.

Wood, metal, wool, cork and cotton are all timeless materials that are once again being cast into the spotlight as trends turn to the issue of sustainability.

Of course, wood window blinds are a natural fit in this category.

Wood from FSC approved sources is a sustainable material but more than that it offers genuine longevity.

Looked after properly wooden fixtures will last for decades, making wood window shutters the perfect solution when you are looking for a window covering that will last.

Choose longevity and warmth with wood window shutters

Excellent thermal credentials make wood a good choice for use in windows and doors as it helps to trap in heat and keep out the cold, again a bonus when trying to cut your environmental footprint.

However, the trends for materials inspired by nature extends beyond sustainability into a fashion trend to incorporate nature and an appreciation for the natural world into interior design.

Biophilia is a love of nature and is a key trend for the coming year, which aims to bring elements of nature into the home. The natural beauty of wood is one such way you can incorporate this trend easily into your home.

Embrace natural light with wood window shutters

The trend also focuses on making the most of the nature around us and letting as much light in – and no doubt making the most of any views you may be lucky enough to have from your home.

Wood window shutters can allow you to enjoy the best of privacy and light, combing your need to shut out the outside world while enjoying the best of the day – either by opening the shutters to let the sun in or to gaze at the night sky from a separate top tier.

Reynolds blinds offers a comprehensive selection of wood window shutters thar are made to measure.

With a premium hardwood wood window shutter available in a wide variety of shades and finishes, you can make sure that this enduring trend works for you.

To discuss fitting wooden window shutters at your home contact Reynolds Blinds.

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