April 27th 2019

Wooden blinds or shutters – which is the right choice for you?

Reynolds Blinds wooden blinds or shutters – which is the right choice for you? Read on to find out more.

Plantation shutters are the on-trend window dressing of the moment but wooden blinds present a very feasible alternative, so which is the best choice for your home?

The fashion for minimalist living has no doubt in part informed the trend for plantation shutters. Tailor-made for each window, plantation shutters slot neatly into place leaving clean lines and giving a contemporary yet timeless look.

However, a very similar look can also be achieved by installing wooden blinds at a more cost effective price.

Both options bring the benefit of being made from wood, a sustainable resource that ticks the right boxes for eco-living. Wood is also an excellent choice for bringing warmth to a room, while simultaneously achieving a modern, stream-lined look.

Should I choose shutters or wooden blinds?

The decision of whether to choose wooden blinds or plantation shutters for your home rests on a number of factors mainly:

  • Cost
  • Personal preference
  • Time frame
  • Window shape
  • Lighting needs
  • Accessibility

Plantation shutters are made-to-measure, which means they will perfectly fit any window they are designed for. It also means that plantation shutters are an ideal choice for unusual shaped windows – such as those with curved tops - where the shutters will be crafted specifically for the design of the window.

This tailor-made approach does however mean that there is an inevitable wait when having plantation shutters made for your home, which may mean that wooden shutters are a better choice if you are in need of window coverings in a hurry.

Balancing cost and personal preference

Cost is probably the biggest consideration when it comes to making a choice between plantation shutters or wooden blinds.

Plantation shutters are a luxury product that is built to last, and by being made-to-order comes at a price premium. The enduring popularity of plantation shutters has proved this is an expense that is worth paying for the stylish look and high functionality.

Yet a similar look and quality can be achieved at a lower price by choosing wooden blinds – particularly if opting for wider slats and decorative tape. As with all Reynolds Blinds these can be ordered to your specifications to give an excellent fit for any window.

It is also worth giving consideration to the amount of natural light that a room receives and how shutters or blinds will affect this, while ease of accessibility to open and close shutters and blinds is another factor to consider.

All in all though, as with all interior design choices, trust your personal preference. An item may be in fashion but it does not mean it should be top of your list – trust your instincts and make the right choice for your home.

To order wooden blinds or plantation shutters get in touch with Reynolds Blinds.

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