December 18th 2020

Why choose a Markilux Awning?

We ask you to choose Markilux awnings from Reynolds. Let us tell you why Reynolds chose to partner with Markilux.

Reynolds Blinds have been installing garden awnings for over 30 years. In this time we have seen many changes and advances in operation, technology and style of awning design.

Around 10 years ago we were buying awnings from various different suppliers. There were differences in quality, the fabrics, the motors ...... it was all very complicated. We reviewed all of our suppliers, and everyone preferred Markilux. The quality of the product was second to none, the awnings looked stylish, the fabric choice was the best, and most importantly the service we had from the factory was excellent. So we dropped all of our other brands and become an exclusive Markilux dealer and have never looked back.

So that is why we chose Markilux, but why should you choose Reynolds and Markilux?

Markilux are the only awning manufacturer in the world that manufacture both the fabric and the awnings. There are a few fabric manufacturers, and many companies make awnings, but non do both. This means that Markilux is in control of the quality of everything.

If you look at where Markilux's factory is situated, it is on the same latitude line as the UK. They get very similar weather to us and their awnings are designed for this. So they are used to wind and rain as well as sun, making them perfect for the UK.

The warranty is excellent on Markilux products. Awnings all receive a 5 year warranty when fitted by Reynolds, and this is backed up by Markilux. At handover you will be give the exclusive code number for your awning, and from this the factory know every nut, bolt and screw that has been used. In the unlikely event that you have an issue, it can be solved quickly and the correct spare part ordered quickly to get your awning back in action. For interest, we have quoted this number before on blinds that were 25 years old, and Markilux still had the records!

You get super stylish awnings, but with German know how and technology inside. There are some other good awning manufacturers in Germany, but their products can look a little industrial. Markilux uses their German engineering skills inside, and wrap the awnings in stylish cases with excellent features giving you the best of both worlds.

A tour of the Markilux factory

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