October 31st 2018

Up the cosiness factor by adding blinds and curtains to keep the warmth in this winter

Reynolds Blinds talk about how adding blinds and curtains will help keep your home warm during the winter. Read on to find out more.

While wintery walks are one of life’s joys the colder months inevitably mean spending more time inside so now is the time to up the cosiness factor and create a home that you won’t want to leave.

Just as summer is about letting the natural light shine in, winter is about creating a cocoon that makes us feel safe and warm.

Interior design and layout is the key element in creating a cosy environment – and curtains and blinds part an important part in this.

Imagine a room with undressed windows throughout the winter – it’s enough to make you feel chilly even with the heating on!

Imagine that same window covered in thick, dark fabric curtains trapping in the heat and enveloping the family from the harsh elements outside.

Update your curtains to bring added cosiness to the lounge

It doesn’t just have to be a bare window though that brings an air of draughtiness to a room, ill-fitting blinds and worn curtains are sure to leave families feeling short-changed on the cosiness front.

With Christmas just around the corner now is the time to update tired blinds and curtains in the home as well as bring a new layer of warmth to cool conservatories.

What would add an extra touch of cosiness to the lounge? How about floor length curtains? Choose a thick fabric that will help to trap in the heat as well as bring an added perception of warmth just through the feel and texture.

Warm colours such as deep reds, darker neutrals and navy blues are great to introduce in the autumn and winter and can help to transform the feel of a room.

The onset of winter is certainly the time to think about making your conservatory warmer. Making a conservatory as warm as possible will allow the family to make the most of the additional space – rather than avoid it for fear of the cold.

Warm up cold conservatories with new blinds

Consider upgrading blinds to duo-pleated Smartfit blinds, which are designed to help retain heat during the colder months. As well as helping to keep the house warm these make for a stylish upgrade as they fit snuggle within the window.

Easy to unclip these can even be adjusted for the seasons if you desire.

Depending on the design of your room you may want to add a mixture of both blinds and curtains to make the most of the functionality.

Bringing a welcome splash of autumnal colour to the home is a fantastic way to set the scene for a cosy run up to Christmas.

For more information on choosing the right blinds and curtains for your home contact Reynolds Blinds.

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