August 26th 2018

The benefits of external shading for your home

The benefits of external shading for your home by Reynolds Blind. Read on to find out more!

As the heatwave continues and 2018 is set to be the hottest summer on record for the UK could external shading for your home offer a few small benefits as we wilt away in the humidity?

Protecting your family and your internal space

As Britons we are never happy with what the weather throws at us – it’s too cold in the winter, too rainy in the springtime and now we’ve just about had enough of this blazing hot summer.

Shave off a few degrees by shielding away the heat of the sun’s rays behind external shading blinds. Blinds can be made to measure and fit south facing windows that take the sun all day, your conservatory, an orangery or even a greenhouse.

How does external shading work?

External blinds deal with the sun’s energies before it even touches the glass to maintain cooler temperatures inside and a comfortable environment. This type of shading is the most effective solution on the market today and can be adapted to suit your room décor and furnishings.

The benefit of external shading is that the sun’s rays are reflected away from the windows before they have the chance to pass through the glass. Conventional blinds that are fitted to the internal side of glass trap the heat between the blind and the glass and therefore still impacts the internal temperature.

Even more benefits of external shading

External shading also optimises light control by reducing the intensity of light able to seep into a room and blocking those annoying glares that seek out your line of sight or computer screen. This further helps to protect furnishings from fading and cracking, especially paintings and brightly coloured leather sofas.

Fitted to the roof of your conservatory, windows or walls using specially designed brackets and fixtures, shades can be operated electronically at the touch of a button or remote control. They can even be programmed, as part of a preset comfort mode, should your home use a smart technology system.

As the external shading is fitted to the outside of your windows the material is hard wearing and weather proof to withstand harsh wind and rain elements. Fabric is fitted to doors and windows that do not open outwards to ensure a tight fit to the side channels.

Need another option?

If external shading isn’t for you or if you don’t have a conservatory or appropriate windows, why not consider an outdoor awning?

Take a look at some of the other options to help you keep cool and keep the sun’s glare out of your home with quality shutters and smart-fit blinds.

We’re always happy to talk about your design ideas and discuss new looks, so why not request a call back now?

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