September 29th 2019

Commercial blinds: How new blinds could improve your office environment

Reynolds Blinds guide on Commercial blinds: How new blinds could improve your office environment. To discuss which commercial blinds are best suited to your business get on touch with Reynolds Blinds.

Creating the right office environment is important for staff productivity and commercial blinds are a key part of this.

Light and heat are cornerstones of comfort, and striking the right balance can make a real difference to employees and how they perceive their office environment.

As well as bringing a fashionable and co-ordinated finish to an office, commercial blinds use fabric technology to enhance the environment.

By carefully choosing your commercial blinds you can target issues with light, glare and heat in the office.

Commercial blinds can help to:

  • Increase privacy
  • Control light levels
  • Limit glare
  • Maximise natural light
  • Help to retain warmth
  • Regulate heat

Controlling light is the most obvious function of commercial blinds when used in an office environment. People need natural light and research has shown that this increases productivity.

However, this does need to be balanced with the problem of glare and in a large office it is not always possible to position screens away from windows.

Sheer fabrics can filter light to allow set levels into the room while controlling the glare of the sun.

It is not all down to fabric thickness either, differences in the weave and technical make-up of different fabrics will allow different levels of light in, meaning that you can opt for a light-looking blind that also performs well in controlling light.

Privacy is also important in many office settings and blinds can be used to shield interior offices when needed for private meetings or sensitive work.

Blackout blinds are the natural choice and serve as a good solution to protecting exterior windows when a company needs privacy from the outside world.

Control office temperature with blinds

Commercial blinds can also play a part in regulating office temperatures. While thicker fabrics can help to trap the heat in a building, certain fabrics can help to keep the heat out.

Workers baking in the summer heat and sitting directly in front of glass windows will quickly become uncomfortable, making this an important consideration.

Many different types of blinds including roller blinds and Venetian blinds will help block the heat of the sun while specialist fabrics can be coated to reflect the sun’s rays.

Window film is another way in which windows can be treated to minimise excess heat and light from the sun.

With a wide range of fabrics and designs available, keeping your office cool and full of light can be achieved with a stylish finish.

To discuss which commercial blinds are best suited to your business get on touch with Reynolds Blinds.

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