March 12th 2018

Harness the power of material technology when choosing a blind

When it comes to choosing a blind the style is just part of the choice, the material also needs to be given careful consideration.

When it comes to choosing a blind the style is just part of the choice, the material also needs to be given careful consideration.

As well as adding to the look of the home, blinds serve a purpose – if not multiple purposes.

To ensure the blind that you want will serve you well the material needs to be given some serious consideration.

Certain materials, such as wood, lend themselves more to a particular kind of blind, whereas other styles of blinds are far more versatile in the sort of material that can be used.

What do you want from your blind?

The best place to start when it comes to choosing a blind is purpose – what exactly do you what from the blind?

If it is a blind in a young child’s room for example you might want it to block the early morning sun out to help your little one sleep longer, while if it is a blind for your living room you might want a solution that maximises light but also helps to keep the heat out.

Bathrooms and kitchens require special thought too. If the blind is likely to be near a source of heat in the kitchen it needs to accommodate that, while bathroom blinds need to be made from a type of material that will not be unduly affected by moisture.

Materials to choose from


This is a great, versatile blind material that can be used all around the house. It will wipe clean and is naturally resilient. Its opacity also makes it ideal for shutting out the light when needed.


Fabric blinds are ideal when completing the look of a room and can be co-ordinated to the interior design. Fabric blinds exude comfort while also offering practicality – they can be backed with blackout fabric or treated with fire retardant to suit additional demands.


Wooden blinds look fantastic and bring an earthy quality to the home. They are also ideal when used to filter light into a room. Faux wood can also be used as a more affordable alternative.

Solar Reflective Coatings

The use of solar reflective coatings has revolutionised the ways blinds can be used to keep heat out of a room, such as a conservatory. Blinds that feature solar reflective coatings can reflect solar radiation to maintain lower temperatures and help to counter glare.

When choosing a window blind make sure you consider the material as well as the style to make sure you get the most from your investment.

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