January 29th 2019

Find the perfect match for your bi-fold doors

Reynolds Blind's tip on how to find the perfect match for your bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors are certainly enjoying ‘a moment’ allowing homes to break down the barriers between indoors and out.

If something captures the essence of modern home alterations it is very likely to be bi-fold doors.

Usually made from on-trend grey aluminium, bi-fold doors are employed to great effect to give extensions the added wow factor, which is important in creating a home you love to live in as well as adding value.

But the question remains what is the best way to cover this expanse of glass to protect privacy?

Covering a bi-fold door

The idea of bi-fold doors is usually to maintain clean lines that open the garden up into the home so heavier, traditional blinds and curtains that are ideal for creating a cosy home and shutting out the dark nights may not be best suited.

Then of course there are the technical aspects to consider of length and width – which will no doubt be reasonably large – and, of course, where to attach the curtains or blinds.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of options thanks to high spec lightweight materials and cleverly designed blinds.

Curtains for bi-fold doors

If you value the strong sense of privacy and warmth that drawing the curtains brings to your home it is still possible to put curtains across bi-fold doors as long as there is space to accommodate a rail – and for the curtains to gather at the side.

A lighter weight material is ideal as not only will a vast area need to be covered but this will also reduce the material gathered when the curtains are open.

Blinds for bi-fold doors

Blinds can be made to measure and present a good flexible option when it comes to light control. Vertical blinds could make a good modern match for bi-fold doors as they are light and unobtrusive.

An excellent choice to cover bi-fold doors, however, is with Allusion blinds which combine practicality and function to offer an excellent solution for large glass windows and doors.

These voile blinds are made with vanes which can be opened to leave a transparent cover or closed to become opaque.

As they are separate you can even walk through them straight to the garden should you wish.

To enjoy style, warmth and privacy in your home there are a number of cutting edge fabrics and designs that will be the perfect match for your bi-fold doors.

For more advice on blinds and windows for bi-fold doors get in touch with Reynolds Blinds.

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