June 22nd 2018

Find a contemporary solution to protecting your privacy with shutters and blinds

Reynolds Blinds talk about finding a contemporary solution to protecting your privacy. We compare shutters and blinds!

Shutting the front door and stepping into the privacy of your own home is one of life’s greatest comforts but for homes that face a busy road that takes a little more effort.

When a lounge window faces directly onto a road or pavement families can sometimes feel like their lives are on display.

The ideal solution is to close out the outside world – and retain privacy – but still allow the light to come streaming in.

While net curtains have a long and stable tradition of drawing a veil across the world, contemporary homes may be looking for something more in keeping with their aesthetic.

Use blinds to lock in privacy

Blinds are brilliantly versatile and have something to offer every room of the house – in particular they are extremely useful for shielding a window.

Adding venetian blinds to a road-facing window will allow homeowners the flexibility to close out the outside world entirely or adjust the slats to allow the light to shine in without throwing the room open to passersby.

Easy to clean and maintain, venetian blinds will look contemporary and stylish as well as being ultra functional in protecting privacy.

Should you wish to add an extra layer between your lounge and the outside world, venetian blinds look great teamed with curtains, creating a lovely focal point from the inside while serving their purpose to close out the outside world.

Wooden blinds are just as effective at enshrining privacy with the warmth of the wood bringing a cosy finish.

Continental style shutters

If you are looking for something a little different, shutters are a stylish alternative that bring a Continental touch to your home.

Shutters can be installed to run the full length of the window and can either be opened completely or adjusted to let light in through the slats.

Otherwise, Cafe-style shutters bring an elegant solution to front-facing windows, allowing part of the window to be covered while the light still streams in from above.

These shutters ensure privacy at street level and can be tailored to the required height for a practical and stylish way to protect your privacy at home.

For more information on installing shutters or blinds please contact Reynolds Blinds.

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