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June 23rd 2020

Enjoy safe installation and ordering with Reynolds Blinds

COVID-19 compliant and safe installation on Blinds and Shutters Birmingham, West Midlands and surrounding areas by your local branch of Reynolds Blinds

At Reynolds Blinds we are committed to the safety of our customers and staff - and continuing to provide the best service possible to our customers.

As the global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we all work, Reynold Blinds has continued to adapt our processes to continue to serve our customers from across each one of our branches.

As workplaces are now being encouraged to return to work where possible, we will continue to enable our customers to buy and have our products installed while keeping safety at the forefront of everything we do.

We want to be sure that our staff and our customers remain safe. To allow Reynolds Blinds to continue to offer a service we have adapted our working processes to ensure they remain within government guidelines and prioritise safety.

For your reassurance and to ensure that all parties know what to expect, Reynold Blinds will be putting in place the following process when completing installation visits.

Safe installation of blinds and curtains

Reynold Blinds have consulted widely and taken advice from the relevant trade bodies ahead of putting in place a safe process to allow for the installation of curtains, blinds and awnings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Zero contact orders

Customers have continued to be able to order from Reynolds Blinds during the lockdown by using the internet or making telephone calls. The company has been carrying out consultations via email, phone and video calls. Samples have been sent digitally to customers and we have been able to price jobs in the same manner.

This system has worked well, and Reynolds Blinds intends to continue to offer an online and telephone consultation and pricing service to customers.

Booking a visit

As installation needs to take place on the premises, Reynolds Blinds can now make visits to homes. When booking a visit we will ask if:

· Anyone in the household has displayed any relevant symptoms

· Is shielding due to being classed as vulnerable

If the answer to these questions is no we will go ahead and book in an appointment.

Safe installation visits

On arriving at your home we will follow a strict safety procedure where our representatives will:

· Cover their shoes

· Wear a mask

· Ask to wash their hands – hand sanitiser will be carried but we believe washing offers greater protection

· Customers will also be asked to wash their hands before handling any samples

· Use 2-metre social distancing at all times. This may include you being asked to leave the room to allow work to take place

· All rubbish will be cleared and our workers will inform you of what surfaces they have touched and where they have been. We advise you wipe down the area after the installation is complete.

· Finally, our representatives will ask to wash their hands before leaving

In practice this process is a simple and efficient way to maintain safety standards, while allowing you to have a top-quality installation job completed.

Committed to staff safety

As well as ensuring customer safety, Reynold Blinds is committed to ensuring staff remain as safe as possible.

Care centre staff who can work from home will continue to do so, while surveyors and installers are no longer allowed to visit the factory and instead collect blinds from our warehouse at allotted times.

Our factory is running with a reduced staff to allow social distancing to be respected with staggered start, finish and lunch times helping to keep workers apart. Where needed masks are available.

At any signs of sickness staff will be sent home to self-isolate.

Where staff need to work together to complete a job these roles will not be mixed and the same people will work together.

A new strict cleaning routine has also been put in place to keep work areas, tools and vehicles safe.

Please trust that Reynolds Blinds has the best interest of our staff and customers at heart and we will continue to monitor and adapt to the latest official advice.

To discuss placing an order for curtains, blinds or awnings, or to book a home installation visit, please contact Reynolds Blinds.

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