July 27th 2018

Don’t let light nights disrupt your child’s sleep choose a blackout blind

Why blackout blinds are ideal for a child's sleep. Read on to find out more over at Reynold's blinds.

For many parents of young children the summer months means one thing – early starts!

Children can find it very difficult to sleep when rooms are flooded with natural light, particularly as some struggle to grasp the idea that it is bedtime even though the sun is still shining.

As if the struggle to get them asleep isn’t enough, the rising sun then wreaks havoc on the morning routine – and your sleep needs – with bright starts prompting youngsters to wake up with the dawn.

Days starting at 4.30 and 5am are always going to feel long, especially when bookended by later bedtimes. The result is a chronically tired and tearful child – and a sleep-deprived parent.

So what can you do to help your little ones enjoy the right amount of sleep despite the lighter nights and early starts? Blackout blinds and curtains are the answer.

Fitted correctly these will thankfully plunge bedrooms into much-needed darkness once it is lights out time.

What blackout solutions are available for children’s bedrooms?

When buying curtains for a child’s bedroom – or any bedroom in the house – adding a blackout lining will give greater protection from residual light that manages to get past standard curtain material.

The great thing about choosing a blackout lining is that it still allows parents to choose from a wide range of curtain colours, patterns and finishes. Functional but design-led is the ideal when it comes to home finishes.

Many people prefer the simplicity of blinds to cover windows and this is another good choice for children’s rooms as the close proximity of the blind to the window frame shuts out excess sunlight to good effect.

Roller blinds are a popular choice to be used as a blackout blind and can be made in a variety of colours and designs. Blackout linings can also be added to roman blinds, which look great in bedrooms.

Better cover makes for a better night’s sleep

Many parents, only too well aware of the effects of broken sleep on their children, choose to marry the two options together having both curtains and blackout blinds fitted for optimal coverage.

While some parents may have concerns about the safety of blinds around young children, Reynolds ensures all blinds are correctly fitted to meet ROSPA standards.

Don’t let an early start cast a cloud over the summer months – get blackout blinds or curtains fitted to help your child get a good night’s sleep.

For more advice on tailor-made blackout blinds and curtains contact Reynolds Blinds.

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