November 16th 2017

Christmas decoration ideas for your home

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Blinds, shutters and curtains are sorted, thanks to the team here at Reynolds Blinds.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Blinds, shutters and curtains are sorted, thanks to the team here at Reynolds Blinds. Now all you need to do is think about dressing your house for the perfect Christmas.

There’s so much to choose from this time of year. Some people go crazy with wacky colours and décor galore whilst others like a classier approach using a complementary colour theme, others still keep things really simple with a chic minimalistic look. If you’re in need of some inspiration, we thought a peak at the top Christmas interior decorating trends for 2017 might be a good place to start.

Christmas interior decorating trends for 2017

  • Classic red and white
    • Think: Nordic, cosy cabin, rustic, red, white, silver, clean
  • Emerald greens and woodland themes
    • Think: forest, animals, greenery, greens, tartan, gold, nature
  • Metallic teamed with darker shades
    • Think: modern, rich, dark, luxurious, faux-fur, velvet, stars, glitter
  • Christmas gets quirky
    • Think: fun, unconventional, tropical, colourful, bold, clashing prints
  • Twinkling lights
    • Think: statement lights, wooden light up scenes, shadow boxes
  • Tinsel is the comeback kid
    • Think: modern, sleek, delicate (updated version of the retro stuff!)
  • Fabulously festive flowers
    • Think: sprinkles of glitter, sparkle, metallic, bold, clean, crisp

What next?

Once you’ve picked a trend or theme come up with a plan. Most people traditionally choose a Christmas tree centrepiece, maybe a wreath on the front door, even a few lights outside, but what about dressing your windows?

If it can go on your tree, door or mantelpiece, it can be used inside your window too. Windows take up a fair bit of space in the home, and as Christmas only happens once a year, we say why not go for it! Use these suggestions to get inspired with what to drape, wrap or completely cover your windowsill, blinds, shutters and curtains with:

  • Foliage – you can find this in florists or garden centres but it can be expensive so why not gather some from your own garden and bring the outside in?
  • Bunting – dust off your old sewing machine and get creative with scraps of your favourite fabric - look on the internet for advice if you’re unsure about where to start
  • Pompoms – make use of old balls of wool and make your own
  • Tinsel – there’ll be even more choice this year as tinsel is big on-trend - try mixing the old with new
  • Paper chains – one to keep the kids or grandchildren busy using bright, patterned paper, looping the strips - simple yet effective
  • Christmas cards – cut out your favourite pictures from old cards to reuse and recycle
  • Old Christmas photos – for many people these will spend most of their life hidden away in a dusty box, so why not spend the evening reminiscing and choose your favourites to display
  • Lights – white, blue, multi-coloured… so much variety, plus the decision on the speed setting

Remember that anything hanging from or near your windows could be a hazard, so if you have children, make sure to put your decorations high enough so they are unable to reach them. Also remember to switch lights off when you’re not in the room.

Still need to update your blinds, shutters or curtains?

Don’t panic – if updating your window dressings is still on your list of things to do before Christmas, check out our Christmas cut-off dates.

Like Santa, here at Reynolds Blinds, we will be working right up until Christmas Eve, crafting and fitting window treatments to make sure your home is perfect for the festive period. We operate on a first come, first serve system, so contact us to book an appointment now for a pre-Christmas installation.

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