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December 26th 2019

Choosing the best blinds and curtains: Interior trends for 2020

Having been dominated by neutrals and Scandinavian simplicity for a long time; details, textures and prints are due to make a return in 2020 as we move into the new decade.

A change is as good as a rest apparently and in the world of interior design a change is certainly on the way.

Having been dominated by neutrals and Scandinavian simplicity for a long time; details, textures and prints are due to make a return in 2020 as we move into the new decade.

The move towards detailing and texture is excellent news for fans of curtains, who can enjoy making the most of the wonderful array of materials and colours. Curtains can even be layered to achieve an ultra sumptuous look as minimal lines take a back seat.

Curtains and blinds usually contribute the final touch to a room, so when updating your home, always consider how you intend to dress your windows to impress.

Key trends to influence blind and curtain choices in 2020

1. Textures

This is big news in the world of soft furnishings as it opens up a range of possibilities way beyond colour. Raised weaves are particularly popular, with some even incorporating more than one colour to add definition.

By choosing materials with texture such as boucle you can easily add depth to a room, enhancing the cosiness factor as well as bringing added interest.

If you want to keep to a more neutral palette, textured curtains could help to bring an added contemporary edge.

2. Biophilia

A less snappy name for a leading trend, but biophilia is predicted to be huge – and it has the potential to be a lasting look. Biophilia is our natural connection and innate love for the natural world.

In terms of interior design this means bringing elements of nature into the home to engage with the natural world. The ultimate aim is that feeling connected to nature makes us happier, which in terms of interior design means maximising light, using products such as wood, and featuring designs inspired by nature.

Tied to a move towards more sustainable living, the use of natural, renewable materials in the home should quickly gather momentum.

Wooden shutters will work well in this trend, being made from a natural material and allowing you to maximise light – particularly in rooms that do need privacy. Tier on Tier shutters, in particular, would help to maximise natural light as they can be fully opened on one level if desired.

3. Metals

Metal is a material that lends itself to many trends and while the fashion for harsh industrialism seems to be on the wane, sustainability is on the rise. Metal is very sustainable and looks great from an interiors point of view.

Built to last, metal furnishings will certainly last the test of time. For a flash of metallic style why not add aluminium venetian blinds to your home? As well as reflecting the light beautifully they will bring a stylish design detail.

4. Black

Black never goes out of fashion really, and it is hotly tipped to take more a central role from next year. With suggestions that doors should be painted black to bring new interest to you home, black is certainly back.

Black curtains and blinds can help to bring a cutting-edge splash of black to your home without overpowering the room and compromising on the reception of light.

Whatever look you choose for your home as you enter into the new decade make sure you choose the perfect curtains or blinds to deliver a finishing touch.

Reynolds Blinds can supply and install a wide range of curtains and blinds catering to all tastes. To arrange a home visit, or to discuss how we could help, please get in touch.

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