August 27th 2019

Cafe style shutters: Finding the perfect solution to balancing privacy and light

One excellent choice that ticks all the boxes in terms of being both on-trend and extremely functional is cafe-style shutters.

Having a home that faces a road can present a dilemma of whether to sacrifice light for privacy.

With many window coverings designed to run from the top to the bottom of windows, privacy is assured but if this is needed all day, every day light becomes a problem.

Natural light is an important part of the home – it brings in a particular bright shine that lights up the room and it is free, of course, but more than that, natural light lifts the mood.

With that in mind the last thing homeowners want to do is banish natural light in an attempt to bring a level of privacy to their home.

While curtains and blinds are a versatile solution to cover most household windows, in a large road-fronting bay window open curtains may leave homeowners feeling exposed.

Maintaining light and privacy using curtains and blinds

Marrying blinds and curtains together is one solution to the dilemma – particularly Venetian blinds which can offer flexibility in balancing light with privacy.

Vertical blinds are another option that can balance the need for privacy with the need for natural light. Offering flexibility in the degree to which they are opened, vertical blinds are ideal for large windows.

One excellent choice that ticks all the boxes in terms of being both on-trend and extremely functional is cafe-style shutters.

Bringing a classic taste of continental living to your front room, cafe style shutters have the unique function of allowing part of the window to remain fully covered while the area above the shutter is uncovered.

This allows light to flood in from above while the cafe style shutters below keep the outside world hidden and protect the privacy of the home.

Cafe style shutters: functional and stylish

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that such designs are only suitable for a set size of window either. Due to flexible design, cafe style shutters can be designed to cover as much or as little of a window as you want by using a three frame system.

And, while Reynolds Blind’s cafe style shutters really look the part they are also built to last, being made from timber that is specially manufactured to prevent warping.

If you are searching for the perfect balance between light and privacy, cafe style shutters are the ideal option.

On trend, sophisticated and built to last, cafe style shutters combine the best in continental design with lasting functionality.

For more advice on fitting cafe style shutters in your home contact Reynolds Blinds.

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