Banlight Duo Concrete Vertical Blind

Fitted from £94

The Banlight Duo FR Concrete Vertical Blind is also available as a vertical blind. This muted grey tone is sophisticated and contemporary. Decorating with all grey is very on-trend, and this versatile shade will be well suited to a number of settings. Concrete would look great in a professional home office, or paired with polished metals for a glamorous bedroom.

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The Banlight Duo FR collection includes 48 incredible shades for your home. This innovative blackout fabric collection is the ideal choice for vertical blinds. The duo part of the name refers to the dual-sided colour, so you can turn your vertical blind louvres all the way around and still enjoy the same colour effect. This fabric collection is ideal for a bedroom or computing environment.

With Stay Fresh coating, this fabric will also withstand humid environments with ease. This antibacterial finish will protect your fabric from moisture, so you can place these vertical blinds in a bathroom or kitchen. The fabric is also flame retardant, which allows you to place it in an office or commercial space. To keep your blinds looking beautiful, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

NameBanlight Duo Concrete Vertical Blind
Max width4928mm
Max drop3600mm
  • Stay Fresh Coating
  • Sponge Clean
  • Blackout
  • Flame Retardant
Control options
  • Opened and closed by child safe wand mechanism
  • Options for left or right stacking
  • In store options for remote control operation and curved tracks
Finish options
  • Headrail avaiable in white, black, silver, anthracite or gold
  • Available with the louvre weights sealed in option
Additional notes
  • Although the material is blackout, you will still get light into the room around the sides of the blind an where the louvres meet

Our most frequent questions

Absolutely. We sell the weights and chains that go along the bottom separately. We also sell the headrail on their own. But our most popular service is our replacement louvre service where we make new material to be hung on your existing headrails. This gives your room a fresh new look and saves you money at the same time!

Our maximum size for a vertical blind is 6m wide x 4m high

From Reynolds, that is correct. We offer the headrails in white, silver, black, brown, champagne and anthracite.

Yes you can. Our special electrically operated headrail allows you to draw the louvres back and forth, and tilt the louvres, all via remote control.

Vertical blinds are made out of vertical cloth lengths that are attached to a sliding rail and controlled by a plastic chain. In the case of a fire, they serve a critical function in preventing the spread of flames via wide doors or windows. However, keep in mind that some of these blinds are made of non-fire-resistant Polymerising Vinyl Chloride (PVC). As a result, it's important to verify if the shades are made of fire-resistant materials to safeguard your home from fires.

Just like all other kinds of blinds, vertical blinds can also be cut to size. this can be done if you bought vertical blinds with a length that is too large for your windows, it can also be used if you would like to move already existing vertical blinds to another window that is of a different size. However, it's essential to know how you can cut these blinds for a precise fit.

Although the process can take a long time, we suggest you cut the slats independently to make sure they are the same. If you want to shorten your blinds, this must be done from the top slats. The folded pockets are used to keep the vertical blinds in place.

If you don't feel like wasting time and energy when your blinds are being removed, here is a simple concept of cleaning vertical blinds without having to take them down:

The following are the materials you will need:

  • Vertical blind cleaning tools
  • Buckets and water
  • Towels
  • Mild washing detergent soap
  • Essential oil (optional);
  • A vacuum cleaner

It depends on your needs. Blackout curtains offer a wider range of design options, more privacy, improved thermal insulation, and noise reduction. While blackout blinds occupy less space, they're far more affordable, quicker to install, easier to keep, and typically come with a remote control in the hot and wet regions. An opaque cloth is contained within a cassette is also found in the blackout blinds.

However, no blinds are available with a total opacity of 100 per cent. As a result, if you choose this room-darkening option, you must pay close attention to the design characteristics.

Almost every style of blackout blind can has some level of automation. For instance, based on where you purchase them, they may come with a remote that controls the rolling component that you can use to draw them. Taking this into account, the installation expenses of this automation are minimal. Automation also makes light control very easy.

Because of the light and simplicity of cleaning, blinds are very beneficial in kitchens. While they do accumulate dust rapidly, a simple vacuum is quicker to perform than putting curtains in the washing machine. When looking for a fabric that is simpler to handle, opt for one that is wipe-clean. Allergy sufferers may have a problem here. Blinds may also be precisely adjusted to the window, providing excellent energy efficiency without the risk of cutting off heating sources like radiators. Some blinds also provide a barrier against the cold or heat even when they are open, allowing you to save energy throughout the day.

Curtains, on the other hand, also come in a variety of designs, lining choices, and materials to modify the room's overall appearance. Light, transparent curtains are appropriate for creating an airy mood in a Scandinavian environment, whilst heavier, rich materials such as velvet are more suited for creating a warm ambience. This entirely depends on the type of cloth you choose, although curtains are often inexpensive. Cotton curtains may cost as low as £10, whereas heavier curtains might cost thousands of pounds. Thicker curtains, which take up more space than blinds, might make a room appear smaller, but they typically give it a more luxurious look.

Curtain, are also thicker due to the amount of cloth required to attain the necessary levels of functionality. As a result, the financial costs of automating them are much higher. Automatic blackout curtains are also a bespoke feature due to the increased length and breadth limits.

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