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Are blinds or curtains best at retaining heat in the home?

30th September, 2018


There’s no denying it, summer is behind us now and glorious autumn is beckoning the colder nights – but if that chill is extending into your house it is worth checking your blinds and curtains.

Around 10 per cent of the heat in our homes is lost through the window with that figure rising if you have single panes.

It may not sound like that much but when you add up losses through doors, floors, walls and the roof every bit counts. By tackling each source of loss you can help to heat your home more efficiently making your energy use cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Cut heat loss with blinds and curtains

Choosing the right curtains and blinds can help to stem heat loss by helping to shut out draughts and trap in the warmth.

The size of the windows in your home and the space they take up on the wall will also make a difference when it comes to heat loss so begin by considering what your biggest problem might be in terms of winter draughts.

The question then is which is best for preserving heat, curtains or blinds? Both can be effective but the secret is to get as close a fit as possible and eliminate gaps that allow draughts in and the heat to escape.

A particular pitfall to avoid is curtains that fall over a radiator sending the warmth up to window – and out through the gaps in the seal.

Coverage is key

A curtain possibly has the edge only in that it is capable of covering a larger area and the attention to detail will not be as demanding as finding efficiency in blinds. To achieve maximum performance blinds need to cover that area as closely as possible to trap the heat in as they usually sit within the window.

Curtains on the other hand hang across the entire area and while they do not achieve a seal, floor-length curtains that stretch to the very top of the rail will provide an effective block to escaping heat.

Of upmost importance when adding curtains to cut heat loss is to include a good quality lining to provide a far thicker barrier to the cold – and the escaping heat.

Add a lining

Likewise blinds will benefit greatly in their capacity at retaining heat if they also have a decent lining – this needs to be complimented with a good fit.

Roman blinds work well to shut out cold and trap in heat as a result of their full window coverage and material choice, although achieving a snug finish can be tricky.

Good quality, lined curtains and blinds can make a real difference in keeping your home warm over the colder autumn and winter months.

For advice on what window covering will give you the best protection get in touch with Reynolds Blinds today.

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