Wide Bodied Vertical Blind System

There are so many parts to this system that makes it special - features that are absolute benefits to you and your end users.

This product can be made up to 6m wide in one length, but thanks to the very special rod supports a huge 12m can be covered and made to appear as one.

Operation includes traditional cord and chain - the tilt mechanism is geared 3/1 so tilting even the largest blinds can be done with finger tips. We can offer wand operation for that child safe solution. We also have the fully electric option where the louvres both tilt and draw at the touch of a button, or add one of our control hubs and fully automate the system to open and close automatically or when the sun shines.

Features of the rail that make it perfect for the commercial market revolve around the components inside the track. The travellers that hold the louvres have had their design tested for 10,000 cycles this is the equivalent of opening and closing the blinds once a day for over 13 years! The travellers are wheeled so they glide forward and backward without the need for lubrication.

The pegs in the tracks that hold the louvre strips are designed to be very strong, but can be damaged by mis-use. Our system allows these pegs to be easily removed using our special tools and new pegs added without the need to remove the blind from site.

All of this makes the Wide Body the go to choice for vertical blinds in any building.

The system can be manufactured to suit almost any window.

Basic normal windows are very straightforward. We can also have tensioned louvre options where the material is stretched between two tracks. We have sloping options for triangular windows. The track can be arched for arched windows. It can be kinked for bay windows or curved for bow windows.

And all of the above options can be manually or electrically operated as required, with timers and sun sensor options for the electric blind.

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