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Norton MDF Shutters

Our contemporary choice of shutter. Not only is incredibly durable - being made from polymer coated MDF making them strong with a wipe clean surface - but also very affordable.

These are great in high traffic areas as they are manufactured from dense wood fibre. To keep the Norton shutter super competitive on price they are available in 9 colours, but they most popular paint finishes with all of our frame options.

During the process of manufacturing, the uprights of the shutter (called the stiles) have specially machined wooden core laminated into them. By mixing the direction of the grain, the stile becomes stronger than the original length of timber, making the shutter more resistant to warping,

Some of our competitors use dowels to join the key joints on their shutters together, but our experience has shown us that these are often not strong enough.

Instead of this Reynolds shutters are manufactured using mortise and tenon joints giving you a stronger shutter and years of trouble free use.


We are always happy to talk about your design ideas and discuss your new looks.


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