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Which shutter style is right for my window?

17th September, 2020

Window Shutters Banbury

Shutters are a style statement for modern times – whether your home is old or new, and thanks to a variety of styles there is a shutter for every kind of window.

Picture shutters and a certain image pops up, usually a sweeping bay window or Victorian sash window but shutters are the perfect addition to any room.

Delivering a wow factor finish in whatever room they are used in, the different styles of shutters available mean that any window can be completed with an internal shutter.

Looking great in period properties, new builds and everything in between, window shutters also deliver excellent insulation and a neat, stylish way to control the light.

What shutter style should I choose?

The shutter style that you choose for your window may depend on a number of facts, but the shape of the window, it’s position and your light requirements will be the biggest influence.

Full height shutters

These immensely popular shutters cover the full length of a window and can be used on glazed doors as well as windows. Featuring a mid-rail, the bars of the top layer of the shutter can be opened and closed independently of the bottom to allow for flexibility when adjusting how much light is let in. Full height shutters can also be fully opened.

Tier on tier Shutters

Similar in look to full height shutters, tier on tier shutters have an added level of flexibility in that you can open the top level independently of the bottom. This allows the lower level of the window to be covered for privacy while you can enjoy a view of clear skies above.

Café style shutters

For people wanting to retain a clear view from the top of their windows at all times, café style shutters are the right choice. The shutters are fitted only along a part of the window to a certain height – keeping the view along the top part of the window completely clear. This is perfect for homes with large bay windows where a balance needs to be struck between privacy and light, or where ornate windows would otherwise be blocked out. These are better suited to downstairs rooms.

Top track shutters

Top track shutters offer a workable solution for large windows and bi-fold doors where there would otherwise be a lack of support to hold the blinds in place. A discreet track allows the shutters to be held in place regardless of the size of the window.

Special shaped shutters

Don’t think that just because you have an unusually shaped window in your home that it will have to miss out. Tailor-made shaped shutters will allow these beautiful features in your home to continue to shine – just with a level of control over the light. Perfect for arches, angles and circles.

Custom coloured shutters

Want to make a statement, or are you looking to complete a colour scheme? There are choices beyond natural wood or white. With our custom coloured shutters you can choose from 45 different finishes.

Reynolds Blinds measures, fits and supplies a wide range of window shutters and will work with you to make sure you get the perfect blind for your window.

For a quote, or to discuss which shutter is right for your home, contact Reynolds Blinds.

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