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Top tips on window coverings for a Scandinavian design scheme

27th May, 2019

Interior Design

The light and clutter free effect of Scandinavian interior design makes it perfect for making the most of the summer by enhancing the natural light but which window dressings best suit this pared-back style?

With a rise in open-plan living and minimalism the already huge popularity of Scandi-style has continued to grow.

And with the Danish concept of Hygge already bringing a warm glow to homes as they embrace the chance to create a cosy home to boost wellbeing and happiness, a Scandi-design interior compliments this way of living perfectly.

Wooden floors, white or neutral coloured walls and contemporary furniture help to create an interior that is relaxing, cosy and stylish.

Yet with clean lines and a lack of fuss dominating Scandinavian design, style window coverings need to be given consideration to make sure they compliment the overall scheme.

While traditional Scandinavian design often features windows left bare, in the closely built homes of the UK the need for privacy means blinds and curtains are a necessity – as well as to help control temperatures.

Top tips for Scandinavian inspired window coverings

Keep it light

Maximising light is at the heart of Scandinavian design so sheer materials and lightweight coverings make an excellent option. For rooms downstairs, sheer effect blinds and curtains will help to maximise light while maintaining a minimal look when open.

Maintain clean lines

Well fitted blinds are an excellent choice of window covering for a minimalist Scandinavian-themed room. Neatly fitted to the window, roman blinds work particularly well and can even bring a pop of Scandi-inspired colour if you choose a geometric design.

Choose white or neutral colours

White is a dominant colour in Scandinavian interior design for its light-maximising qualities. Choosing white, light-coloured neutrals or grey will bring a seamless blend to walls and windows to ensure the theme runs through the room.

Compliment existing materials

Wood features heavily in Scandinavian design by giving a nod to the calming effect of nature and bringing in a natural warmth. Wooden floors and furniture will be well complemented by wooden Venetian blinds with a natural finish or a white finish. Wooden shutters are another good choice that will blend seamlessly with a clutter-free Scandi-design interior.

Keep an open aspect

New purpose-made coverings for larger windows that can preserve privacy, but without adding a heavy accent to a room, include Allusion Voile Blinds, which allow large doors, such as bi-folds to link the interior and exterior of the house.

To arrange a home visit to measure up the perfect blinds or curtains for your home contact Reynolds Blinds.

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