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The benefits of blockout blinds during the summer

24th July, 2020

Blockout Blinds Reynolds Blinds Sutton Coldfield

With the light nights and bright mornings of summer, getting in the recommended 8 hours of sleep can be tricky.

If the summer sunlight is stopping you getting enough shut eye then investing in blockout blinds could transform the way that you feel.

And it’s not just adults who can benefit from the introduction of blockout blinds – they are a good way to help kids stay asleep through the early hours of the morning.

How do blockout blinds work?

Blockout blinds are made with opaque material that prevents light coming into the room, keeping bedrooms dark throughout the night (and into the morning).

When made to measure these can be fitted closely to the wall to prevent any light escaping around the edges and into the room.

Contrary to common belief blockout blinds are available in a variety of colours and in different styles of blinds – not only black roller blinds.

As it is the make-up of the material that makes the blinds blockout rather than the colour, blockout blinds are even available in light colours.

Most commonly blockout blinds are roller blinds, however pleated blockout blinds and vertical blockout blinds are also available.

A blockout lining can also be added to a Roman blind to help keep the light out.

I already have curtains - will blockout blinds make a difference?

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep a belt and braces approach is always a good bet.

While curtains can be extremely effective at trapping out the light, especially when they feature a blockout lining, the snug fit of a blockout blind works incredibly well to darken the room further.

While many people like the appearance and cosiness of curtains, it is easy to compliment this with a discreet blockout blind tucked inside the window.

blockout blinds mean they can be used to compliment a number of stylish dressings in enhancing light-blocking qualities, including shutters.

For people committed to a simple look, adding a blockout lining to a roller blind is a good way to incorporate good light reduction qualities with simplistic, single-layer finishing.

Help the whole family sleep better with blockout blinds

Blockout blinds are an ideal solution for helping babies and young children to sleep later through the night.

Often light sleepers at blockout blind may help your child to stay asleep during the night – and to go back to sleep when waking excessively early.

If you work irregular hours, like to sleep in or struggle to sleep in a light room, a blockout blind should help.

Reynolds Blinds can design and install effective bespoke blockout blinds that will help you to get the good night’s sleep that you deserve – and need.

Reynolds Blinds will be able to discuss options and help you to choose the perfect design over the phone or via email.

Our professional team of installers will work to the highest health and safety standards to fit your blinds safely.

Don’t lose sleep over light mornings, contact Reynolds Blinds to discuss adding blockout blinds to the bedrooms in your house.

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