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Make the most of your patio this summer with Markilux Awnings

27th June, 2019


When the summer sunshine makes an appearance in the UK getting outside and making the most of it is a real joy- and a Markilux awning will make your patio the place to be.

Being prepared for the weather is part and parcel of being British, but rather than always having a brolly at hand why not make sure you are always ready to enjoy the sun as soon as it makes an appearance?

Adding a shaded area to your patio will allow you to enjoy outdoor living to the full, and with a brand such as Markilux Awnings you can relax knowing that the unpredictable British weather has been factored in.

Why would I need a Markilux awning?

Whether you enjoy reading outside during the summer, entertaining friends, playing outside with your children or working al fresco, having the right shade can make all the difference.

The heat of the midday sun can make sitting outside at length uncomfortable, but Markilux Awnings will offer respite from this by providing good coverage up to as much as seven metres in width.

The added protection is a bonus for people worried about the effects of the sun on their skin, especially families with young children.

As anyone who enjoys the spoils of working at home can testify, working in the garden is an absolute joy, unless you can’t actually see the screen due to the glare of the sun. Once again a Markilux awning will deliver the shade needed to let you enjoy working outdoors.

When it comes to entertaining Markilux Awnings add a real wow factor as not only will they protect guests from the weather, then can be fitted with LED lights that bring a subtle ambience – and light - to garden gatherings.

Markilux Awnings: Reliable and innovative

Renowned for their strength and good looks, Markilux Awnings come with a five-year guarantee, as well as having a number of built in features to protect them from the elements.

Markilux Awnings are fully retractable, slotting tidily into a wall-mounted unit, which will protect them from the wet and windy weather the UK is all too familiar with.

And in the event of an unexpected change in the weather Markilux Awnings can even be fitted with sensors that detect the strength of the wind, enabling them to self-retract if the wind reaches a certain level.

Smart, sturdy and stylish, Markilux Awnings make an excellent addition to any garden and will certainly help you to make the most of the sun this summer.

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