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Learn about hygee and bring the Danish lifestyle to your living space.

07th November, 2016

House Beautiful Pleated 700X700

Hygee is the Danish way to live well, and in our home this means simple pleasures, cosy soft furnishings, flame lit-lighting, rich colours and natural wooden finishes. Learn about this lifestyle concept to bring a touch of hygee to your living space.

Hygee is all about enjoying life and sharing moments with family; dimmed lights, cosy fires, candles and sumptuous, soft and snug materials. It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you drink hot chocolate with the heating on whilst it blows a blizzard outside. Or cuddling up under a blanket to watch a film with your family. Relax, feel at-home and forget life’s worries – that’s hygee.

Soft natural light through blinds can make a room feel ultra cosy and make the most of the daylight hours we do enjoy during the winter. Pleated blinds will create a soft infused and dappled hygee lighting effect.

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