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How to make a small window look bigger

06th March, 2017

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Large windows are great because they not only provide better views, they also enhance the overall appearance of your home, both inside and outside. However, only a small number of homes have large windows and even if people want larger windows many of them are unable to because of the costs involved or structural issues. The good news is that you can make any window look bigger with the help of the right window treatments:

Making them appear taller

If you hang floor-length draperies or curtains and place them close to the ceiling (around two inches under it), you will make short windows appear much taller. If the rod holding the curtains is far from the top of your window, you can use a cornice board or a valance. This will cover the gap. You can also install lambrequin over the draperies/curtains. These special cornice boards have legs on both sides and cover three sides of the window.

Making them appear wider

If you have windows that are too narrow, you can also make them look wider. Choose a drapery or curtain rod that is at least 60 and up to 80 percent wider compared to the window (molding included). After that, simply hang drawing draperies or curtains and cover the space. In addition, you can also use cornice board or valance with a straight bottom to highlight the horizontal leaning of the draperies/curtains.

Making them look both wider and taller

There is a solution that can help you achieve both effects at once. If you want to make your windows appear wider and taller, just install a very long rod close to the ceiling. After that, hang drapery panels or curtains that go all the way to the floor. The main point is to make the leading edges overlap the outer edges of the glass. Use cornice board, valance or lambrequin to cover the panels. By doing this, you will bridge the gap between the window and the rod.

Keep in mind that the fabric used in draperies and curtains can make them look wider and/or taller too. For more advice, please contact us now.

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