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High and mighty

11th November, 2015

IMG 4054-1

Okay, so it was a little high, but the result looked great.

We had a cafe where the sun was making it uncomfortable for the diners, but the owners didn't want to block the view. Also the upper windows were very high (7.5m up) so they wanted the blinds to be electrically operated but didn't have any power to the windows.

Neither of these requests presented an issue. We specified our sun net range of materials, which cut down on glare but still allowing vision through the fabrics (like wearing sunglasses).

And as for the electric operation, we specified our new solar powered motor. The product has a built in battery that we pre-charge. This allow the blind to be used without sun for around 100 operations. We then add a solar panel to each unit that tops us the battery every time the sun shines, meaning electrically operated blinds without the hassle of wiring.

These motors are available for both home and commercial blinds and are available in store now.

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